Emmerdale spoilers: Amelia’s real dad is finally revealed…


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Emmerdale spoilers: 14 May to 18 May

Here's everything you need to know about next week's shocking episodes of Emmerdale.

There are very few details about next week's episodes of Emmerdale - but what we do know is that on Thursday, a terrible event unfolds that causes the death of a resident.

In the meantime, Amelia's true paternity is revealed after Daz and Dan did a DNA test... But who will it be, and how will the truth affect everyone's future?


Closer Emmerdale spoilers Week 20 - STACKED

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Aaron receives a call

Aaron receives a call which prompts him to go and visit Liv at the Young Offenders Institution.

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Aaron and Liv have a heart to heart

They finally talk about Liv's drinking problem.

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Doug does his best - but will it be enough?

Gerry accidentally reveals Belle and Lachlan's plan to open the bar in the B&B to the Dingles, causing a massive family row. Meanwhile, Diane notices a crack above the door of the B&B and tells Doug to call the builders in to fix it, but he's determined to do the work himself - especially after getting a rather pricey quote.

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Doug tries to fix the problem

Doug is up the ladder pulling plaster from the cracked lintel, but has he taken the necessary health and safety precautions? Or could there be an accident waiting to happen?

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Paddy and Chas think they're cursed

As they discuss their wedding, Paddy and Chas try to laugh off the superstition and resolve that it won't get in their way.

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Marlon has news for Paddy

Marlon tells Rodney that Paddy thinks his relationship with Chas is cursed.

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Rodney calls in Misty

At Rodney's insistence, Misty performs a cleanse in the Woolpack - but there's a catch.

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Paddy and Chas' engagement party gets underway

Disaster strikes in the village - but everyone is enjoying themselves over at Chas and Paddy's engagement party. Paddy worries when Aaron doesn't arrive and tries to cover up as Chas questions his whereabouts.

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Cain and Moira celebrate their anniversary

Cain asks Faith to babysit as he's planning a special surprise for Moira. Faith reminds Moira that it's their anniversary, and Moira and Cain exchange rings again in a touching moment.

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Ross questions Moira

Ross is obsessed with finding Simon, and when he questions Moira Cain is quick to close down the conversation. He worries that Moira has said too much.

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Cain and Ross scuffle in the Woolpack

At Chas and Paddy's engagement party, Cain warns Ross away from questioning Moira and there's a scuffle between them. Ross' face conformer is nudged and he screams out in agony. When Moira walks in wanting answers, will the truth finally out?

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Ross goes to the police

Ross becomes desperate in his search for Simon, and despite all the dead ends, it's clear he's not going to give up his search.

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Daz and Dan take a DNA test

Daz and Kerry try to find the missing DNA test results letter, leaving Bernice very suspicious. Can they intercept it without Dan learning the truth?

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Dan goes for Daz

Dan storms off, leaving Kerry worried sick. Daz later tries to apologise to Dan who is terrified about what the results might say. He pretends he doesn't care and throws the letter in the bin - but later fishes it out and discovers the truth.

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Daz and Dan are at war

With Amelia's true paternity hanging over them, the brothers are at war. Dan tells Daz to pack up and leave, and amidst the arguing, Amelia arrives and wants to know what's going on. Will the family sort out their problems? Will Amelia learn the truth?

Ooh eck. We're a bit worried about this village tragedy... Who's going to pop their clogs?!

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