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Emmerdale fans couldn't be happier after last night's episode saw Charity Dingle finally tell the world about what the cruel DI Bails did to her

We've known for a while that Charity Dingle had a rough childhood which carried on into her teenage years, but viewers were recently told that she'd actually been kept captive as a sex slave.

Poor Charity, who was just 14-years-old at the time, was kept hostage and sold as a child prostitute by DI Bails, a family friend that she thought she could trust.

Thankfully, she was able to escape - but she's been haunted by Bails ever since.

All the Emmerdale spoilers you need for this week


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Ross bribes Dawn

Ross Barton is spiralling further and further down after his acid attack, and supplies drugs to Dawn - in exchange for information on her brother, Simon.

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Gerry worries about Lachlan

Gerry becomes suspicious after he questions Lachlan on what he told him the day before about the crash. Lachlan is defensive and gets upset, and Gerry agrees to drop it. But later on, he finds himself wondering how to retrieve deleted voicemails. Miraculously, he's able to get it back - but what will he hear?

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Charity regrets her actions

Charity watches DI Bails in his house from outside, trying to summon enough courage to knock on the door. But when she realises he's staring back at her, she scarpers. Back at the Woolpack, she confesses to Vanessa what she did.

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Charity is issued a warning

The police turn up at Charity's home, and she knows why they've come. PC Swirling gives her a warning to stay away from Bails, and Vanessa pleads with Charity to leave it alone.

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She's torn over what to do

Charity begrudgingly agrees to let it go, but the next day, Bails emerges as she's putting the bins out.

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Bails accosts Charity

Bails backs Charity into a corner and she's completely frozen, struggling to keep it together. When he finally leaves, Charity lashes out, throwing the bins around in anger.

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Charity can't get him off her mind

Later, Bails helps Tracy to give her speech, winning over the other residents whilst Charity drinks alone, staring at the money Bails gave her to buy her silence. She rushes out and heads to the conference when she sees Tracy and Bails hugging. She can't hide her disgust, but what will she do?

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Joe and Debbie spend a romantic evening together

Debbie is stunned to discover that Joe invited her over just to help build a model aeroplane, and whilst she's initially reticent, she then starts to enjoy his company.

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They can't ignore their feelings

Of course, it's not long before the chemistry gets too much for her and they lock lips. But will they get caught? And if so, by who?

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Lisa makes her return

Lisa comes back to the family home, but she doesn't look like she's hanging around.

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Zak implores her to stay

Zak and Lisa can't avoid the inevitable question, and Zak becomes emotional when he reveals his real feelings. But will he convince her to stay?

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Bernice doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for

Bernice gets a little tipsy and asks Daz to move in, but is miffed by his reaction. But when she later overhears him on the phone to Kerry, she gets suspicious...

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Laurel feels the tension at Brenda's hen party

Laurel can't help but feel awkward as she arrives for Brenda's hen party. Brenda's feeling the tension too, and does her best to keep up appearances.

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Bob spends his stag party alone

As Bob's friends gather for his stag party at the pirate ship to remember Ashley, Bob breaks down and sends them all away, wanting to be alone. As he grieves for his friend and for his lost love with Laurel, Doug tries to persuade Laurel to confess her true feelings before it's too late.

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Wedding prep gets underway - but where's Bob?

The day of the wedding comes around and Bernice is finishing Brenda's makeup, oblivious to the fact that Jimmy is worried about where Bob is. Nicola asks Bernice to stall and Lydia is told to stall Brenda - but she leaves for the church before she can get to her.

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Doug and Laurel find Bob

They find him still in the pirate ship, and Arthur admits that he locked him in there.

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Bob rushes to the church

Bob desperately hurries away from Laurel to the church in the hope that he can still make it. But will he get there on time? And will Brenda even still want to marry him?

As his campaign with Tracey Metcalfe has picked up speed, Bails has become a friendly face around the village - to all except Charity, who he's paid off to keep quiet about their past.

The deceit has left viewers squirming as the only other character who knows is Charity's girlfriend Vanessa, who has told Charity to keep quiet and try to move on.

Bails was visibly shaken by Charity's outburst ©ITV

Of course, that was never going to happen - and in last night's episode, Charity exploded and revealed to the congregation just what a monster he is.

He'd finished his rousing speech by saying: "Every woman counts," as Charity stepped forward down the aisle and spat: "All women count... Except me, yeah?

"Because I guess if I'd counted for anything then you wouldn't have hurt me, would you?"

Charity threw his bribe money back at him ©ITV

He tried to appear soft: "We can get you help," but Charity wasn't having any of it: "That's what you said last time, and then you raped me. Over and over."

Of course, Bails wasn't standing for it and had her forcibly removed by some police officers - but the residents clearly believed what Charity was saying.

Charity was forcibly removed by some police officers after her outburst ©ITV

Fans were thrilled that Charity had finally told everyone the truth about DI Bails, and expressed their joy on Twitter.

We can't wait to see what happens next!

WATCH: Charity Publicly Accuses Inspector Bails of Raping Her!

Are you an Emmerdale fan? What do you think will happen next with Charity and DI Bails? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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