Will Emmerdale’s Adam and Victoria get back together? Find out why we’re optimistic…


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Can a singles night at the Woolpack reunite Victoria and Adam?

Those pubs in Soapland do a love a themed night and it’s full steam ahead this week as Tracey ropes the villagers into a Singles Night at the Woolpack.

As the flirty fun and games get underway, Adam’s gutted to realised that his ex Victoria is going along to find herself a potential new mate. Meanwhile Victoria’s not too pleased when she sees Adam rock up at the pub where he has no qualms about flaunting his single status. Seriously, these two need their heads bashing together!

As the singles begin to mingle – the singles consisting mainly of Vanessa, Rodney, Ross and Rishi – (good luck with that!), Adam and Victoria end up confronting one another. Victoria drags her estranged hubby out of the bar but as the accusations fly, so too do the sparks and it’s clear there’s still a lot of love and passion between the fiery pair. Before you know it they’ve put their differences to one side and are enjoying a steamy snog away from prying eyes!

Adam and Victoria end up kissing (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Victoria tells Adam she regrets some of the mistakes they’ve made in the past and Adam admits he’s too blame too. As they both declare they’re still in love with eachother will they finally be able to patch things up and move forwards as a couple? We hope so, they make a good Mr and Mrs!

The pair are alarmed when they see Moira's barn on fire and realise Adam's mum is trapped inside (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

They’d better not waste too much time as later on the pair both find themselves caught up in the showdown between Adam’s mum Moira and her sister-in-law, Emma. They’re alarmed to see flames coming from the barn, but that’s just the beginning of the nightmare as it soon becomes clear Moira’s life is in danger and so is Adam's when he puts himself at risk to help his mum. Eeek!

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