Emmerdale Spoilers: Here’s your first look at Aaron Dingle in prison

Doesn't look like much of a honeymoon

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle Robert Sugden

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Here's your first look at Emmerdale's Aaron Dingle in behind bars. This week we'll see Aaron sentenced to a 12-month prison stretch for his brutal attack on Kasim Sabet last year. And judging by these pics, Aaron isn't set to have an easy time of it while he's locked away. His first hurdle is to hide his relationship with Robert Sugden from the other inmates. Aaron doesn't want any trouble and worries that some of his new housemates could get rowdy if they find out he's gay. But after a tender moment when Robert visits him, Aaron worries that he's been rumbled.

Emmerdale Aaron Dingle Robert Sugden
Robert visits Aaron in Emmerdale (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Chas's first visit to see her son doesn't go well either when inmate, Jason, starts to wind Aaron up. Chas does what Chas does best and jumps in mouth first. Doesn't look like Aaron's going to be winning any popularity contests inside.

Chas Dingle Emmerdale Aaron prison
Chas visits her son (credit: ITV*) ©ITV

Later in the week, Aaron is targeted by the prison's resident bully, who discovers he's Gordon's son. But could the encounter result in violence?

Aaron has to make the decision to either ask his family for help or keep his struggles to himself to protect them? Which will he choose?

Aaron Dingle Emmerdale prison bully
Aaron is targeted by the top dog (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Emmerdale boss Iain MacLeod said of the prison plot: "The story becomes can he escape his past and can he get over his past. What impact does the struggle he has inside have on his family on the outside. And what degree does he feel able to be honest with them about what he’s going through because Robert, Liv everyone is worried sick about him.

"However bad it gets in there, is it the right thing to share it with them? It’s only going to make it worse for them in terms of their level of anxiety. It’s big and complicated and interesting and feels very much of our time. It feels quite topical. With every news report that comes out I feel more and more pleased that we’ve been able to do something in this area."

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