EastEnders Spoilers: Has tearaway Keegan met his match in Kush Kazemi?

The pair look set for a face off

Kush Kazemi Keegan EastEnders

by Katy Brent |
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We knew he was trouble when he walked in. Yep, EastEnders' latest bad lad Keegan (he's so naughty he only needs one name) is about to cause more trouble for a Walford resident. This time it's the brother of his best mate, Kush Kazemi that's on the recieving end of his attitude.

Kush Kazemi Keegan EastEnders
Has Kush met his match in Keegan? (credit: BBC*) ©BBC

Last week we revealed how Keegan and Denise were going to lock horns after the shop worker calls him out of him being such a horrible bully.

And, judging by these latest pics, Keegan isn't about to let the matter rest. He even drags Shakil along to the Minute Mart to confront Denise.

Kush Kazemi Keegan Denise Fox EastEnders
Keegan comes to blows with Denise: (credit: BBC) ©BBC

Kush, ever the knight in shining armour (or should that be amore in Denise's case?) steps in to defend her honour. As Denise and Keegan come to blows, Kush steps in to diffuse the situation.

But has he met his match in rent-a-gob, Keegan? Would he really take on a school boy? Or should school boys be left to Michelle Fowler?

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