Emmerdale have released a heartbreaking trailer for Ashley Thomas’ special dementia episode

The episode will be aired on the 20th December...

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After months of careful storyline and extensive research, we will soon all be watching a very special episode of Emmerdale - the duration of which will be dedicated to vicar Ashley Thomas' dementia battle.

With Ashley Thomas' vascular dementia worsening by the day in Emmerdale, Christmas storylines will see the whole Thomas family struggling to cope with the enormity of such a heartbreaking - and completely relatable - situation.

Last week, we saw a desperate Laurel lock Ashley in his bedroom after he wandered off into the dales on his own. Struggling to cope with the almighty pressure of trying to deal with everything around her, Laurel - who is determined for Ashley not to go into care - is realising that she is growing out of her depth caring for her beloved husband.

But just before Christmas, we will see a vunerable Ashley venture outside into the world completely on his own, where we will see him try to navigate his way home from the hospital.

The folk over at Emmerdale have now released a thirty-second long trailer for the special episode, voiced by the incredible John Middleton, who plays Ashley.

We hear John seemingly trying to reassure his character, putting a voice to the questions and thoughts running through his head:

"Where was I going? Was I visiting someone? Yes - that was it. No. I was leaving."

"It' alright, I can find it. I can get home."

WATCH the trailer here:

Actor John Middleton has opened up about the 'remarkable' storyline and revealed that despite over 20 years on the soap, this is the most 'incredible' thing he has ever been involved in.

"The writing is extraordinary for it. I mean, quite extraordinary, and the people coming into it. I'm working, and the first thing they said is: 'God almighty, this is well written, isn't it?,' and it is. Our standard of writing generally speaking has gone up over the past few years, I think."

However, despite all the sadness, the Thomas family Christmas * will* have a glimmer of happiness...

John also revealed: John said: "Christmas Day is actually a lovely day in terms of how Ashley is.

"He has a sort of slight awakening on Christmas Day, to do with the circumstances of the day itself – the service in the church, things like that."

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