Emmerdale lining up sinister rape storyline for Rhona Goskirk and Pierce Harris?

Will Pierce be able to take no for an answer when Rhona refuses to sleep with him...

Emmerdale Pierce and Rhona

by Hannah Mellin |
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Emmerdale could be lining up a dark and shocking rape storyline for controlling Pierce Harris and his girlfriend Rhona Goskirk as he doesn't take no for an answer when it comes to sex.

Despite Rhona saying that she's just not in the mood, plot details reveal that Pierce will not deal well with the 'rejection' and his actions could potentially lead to a sinister turn of events.

Emmerdale Pierce and Rhona

Just how far will Pierce go? Or will he come to his senses before it's too late? Or are Emmerdale leading up to an even bigger storyline that will expose Pierce's true intentions?

The couple will take centre stage over the New Year, as Pierce will propose to his girlfriend. Clearly not ready for that type of commitment, Rhona laughs him off and honestly admits that she feels like it's too soon for marriage – especially with everything that has happened the past year.

Emmerdale Pierce and Rhona

The rejection leave him humilated, especially when he has to explain to Rhona's ex-husband Paddy Kirk that he has been turned down.

And the next day, Rhona ends up having a conversation about sex with Tracy and Brenda and their words will make her think long and hard about her own relationship.

Will Rhona come to the her senses before it's too late? Or will their relationship take a deeply unsettling turn?

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