Emmerdale exit for Rebecca White? Robron fans certainly hope so!

Robert and Rebecca Emmerdale

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Robron fans have responded to news that Rebecca White might be on her way out of Emmerdale for good

If it wasn't for her constantly coming in between the force that is Robron, you'd have to feel sorry for Rebecca White in Emmerdale. She's been holding a torch for Robert Sugden since arriving in the village last year, even though he's with Aaron Dingle. In fairness to Bex though, Robert hasn't exactly treated her fairly, giving her just enough to think they could still be together.

Debbie and Rebecca Emmerdale
Rebecca is off to Ibiza (credit: ITV) ©ITV

She's currently preggers with Robert's baby - news that hasn't gone down well at all with Robert, who has nothing but bully her since he found out.

Now Rebecca looks like she has reached the end of her tether with the situation as, next week, she books herself a one-way ticket to Ibiza.

She also confesses to Victoria that she's decided to keep the baby, but still doesn't reveal who the father is.

Victoria and Rebecca Emmerdale
Rebecca tells Victoria she's keeping the baby (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Speaking to Express.co.uk, Emily Head who plays Rebecca, said: "I don’t think she has a plan when she gets there but everything gets a bit much here and I think she just needs to leave. That is something that Rebecca is very good at doing - leaving when things get a bit too tough.

"I think her relationships aren’t keeping her here anymore and she needs to get away, and get away from the stares of the people in the village and the concern about who knows what and who’s saying what.

"She just needs to not be a part of it anymore."

The news that Rebecca was off was met with glee from Robron's army of fans. They took to Twitter to celebrate 'rancid Rebecca's' departure.

When the official Emmerdale Twitte accound asked fans what would be on their #wishlistwednesday, many came forward asking for Rebecca to have never happened.

Well, it seems like wishes really do come true!

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