Emmerdale Spoilers: Robron in trouble as Robert tells Aaron the truth about Rebecca

Robert Aaron Emmerdale

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Could Emmerdale's favourite couple be hitting the skids agan when Robert Sugden tells Aaron Dingle the truth about Rebecca White's baby

Robron fans really get the hardest time in the world of Soap Ships. Every time it looks like the boys are going to get a happy ending, something comes along and ruins it all. Sometimes it's a prison sentence, other times it's an unplanned pregnancy which was the result of a one-night stand. Ho hum. Anyway, things look set to hit the fan once again for Robron when Robert finally 'fesses up to Aaron about Rebecca. Gulp.

Robert Aaron Emmerdale
Robert reveals all (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Next week a relaxed Robron return to the village, but Robert is soon wound up again when he discovers that Rebecca hasn't got round to having an abortion yet. She later confesses to Victoria that she's decided to keep the baby - but continues to hide the identity of the dad.

As Robert and Aaron prepare to spend their first night in their new home, Robert is visibly anxious. He tries to push his guilt aside by getting amorous with Aaron.

Robert Aaron Emmerdale
Will their relationship survive this? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Turns out Robert can't keep his emotions to himself though and he ends up telling Aaron the truth about Rebecca and the baby. He tells him how distraught he was while Aaron was in prison and how it resulted in him drinking too much and sleeping with Rebecca.

How will Aaron react and could this really be the end of our favourite soap ship? Sob.

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