IT’S WAR! Stacey and Carmel go head to head in EastEnders


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The women are at eachother’s throats when Carmel makes a disturbing discovery about Arthur….

Pregnant Stacey is stressed-out of her mind following her little boy Arthur’s recent collapse. As she, Martin and Kush go to the hospital, they are desperate to get answers. However they’re stunned when the doctors finally reveal what caused the little tot’s recent medical emergency and so is Carmel who is seriously starting to doubt Stacey’s mothering capabilities!

Martin and Stacey get some worrying news about Arthur from the hospital (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

The concerned gran, who attempted to step -in last week but only succeeded in upsetting Stace, decides she needs to keep a beady-eye on the frazzled Fowler mum, and once again offers to help her out with the children.

This time, rather than show her the door, a knackered-Stace is pleased to have some help around the house but when she discovers the only reason Kush’s mum is there is because she doesn’t trust her with Arthur, she flies off the handle. Cue a fiery showdown between the warring women before an overwhelmed Stacey cracks and breaks down in tears. Oh dear.

Stacey reaches breaking point...again! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Carmel attempts to comfort Martin’s struggling other half, but the damage is already done and things get even worse when the Kazemi mum makes a very worrying discovery about Arthur and decides to take matters into her own hands. What has the agitated gran found out? And is Arthur in danger?

Rather than share her worries with anyone a determined Carmel decides on a course of action that ends up having very serious consequences. Has she set the wheels in motion for something that could spell ruin for an already fragile Stacey?

Kush thinks Carmel should give Stacey a break (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Enders are keeping the storylines tightly under wraps and we’ve been sworn to secrecy but mark our words, when Stacy finds out what interfering Carmel’s done there is going to be utter bedlam...

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