HELP! Is desperate prisoner Andy going to commit suicide in Corrie?

Coronation Street

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As Andy begins to think he’ll never escape from Phelan, he makes plans to take his own life….

Poor Andy. He’s a man on the brink and sadly he’s about to plummet into even darker territory.

The former barman who knows all the dirt on Phelan, has been kept prisoner by the evil builder ever since January and has spent the past nine months living in a dark and dingy basement of a derelict house. It’s not surprising he’s not in the best of spirits.

Coronation Street
Prisoner Andy's hopes of ever escaping are fading fast (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Viewers recently saw him making a desperate bolt for freedom following the van crash in the woods, but it wasn’t long before he was back in the basement with a menacing Phelan threatening him and warning him in no uncertain terms, never to try any silly stunts like that again.

Now, and with all hope of him ever escaping, fading by the minute, he’s so desperate that he starts to think about taking his own life. This week we see him beginning to stock-pile the paracetamol that Phelan’s been giving him to treat his injury. His plan is to take an overdose and end his torment once and for all as he just can’t see another way out. Will it really come to that and will the broken barman really go through with it? Please don’t let it happen! We’re willing someone to come to his rescue.

Coronation Street
Andy's desperate bolt for freedom ended in failure (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Meanwhile there could be glimmer of hope when trainee journo Daniel starts sniffing around Phelan when he thinks there could be scoop to be had about the Calcutta Street flat scam.

Coronation Street
Can trainee reporter Daniel sniff out a story from dodgy Phelan? (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

As Daniel quizzes the scheming scouser and wife Eileen about exactly went wrong with the luxury property development, will a curious Daniel uncover the dark side of Phelan and realise he’s hiding something much bigger than a failed business project? Could his investigations set him on a trail leading towards prisoner Andy? Or could Daniel’s snooping be putting his own life at risk?

One thing we know is we need someone to get Andy out of that cellar fast before it's too late....

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