EastEnders Spoilers: Max Branning begs E20 for help in his custody battle for baby Abi

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EastEnders Spoilers: Monday 18 - Friday 22 June

Max Branning has pretty much been keeping off the radar since Abi Branning died and Lauren Branning left the square. Next week he's back and asking everyone on the square for a favour - the cheek of it!

Not only that but Hayley Slater decides to prove the Slaters wrong, but it'll cost her a potential friendship with Keanu Taylor, Stuart Highway asks his reluctant pal Mick Carter for help and Patrick Trueman and Ted Murray finally discover the truth about that lottery money (it's about time too).

Check out all of next week's spoilers below...


EastEnders Spoilers Week 25 2018 - STACKED

EastEnders Hayley Slater1 of 12

Hayley sets herself a mission to prove the Slaters wrong

In Walford next week, Stacey Fowler receives a cryptic envelope and while everyone is hesistant to open it, Hayley Slater rips it opens a finds a key… leaving everyone confused. They soon realise it's for Charlie's cab and while old memories surface, Hayley plans to get it up and running and sell it after Keanu Taylor tells her it could be worth after £10,000.Wowza!

EastEnders Hayley Slater2 of 12

EastEnders Hayley Slater

Determined to prove to the rest of her family that she can fix the cab, she heads over to The Arches to see if they have the tools she'll need. Unfortunately, after she tries to distract Keanu, Phil Mitchell turns up and breaks up their flirty exchange by humiliating Hayley.Bless her.

EastEnders Hayley Slater3 of 12

EastEnders Hayley Slater

She then steals the tools she needs and later when Keanu apologises for not standing up to Phil after he was rude to her, she feels guilty for taking the tools and ruining what could have been a great friendship.

EastEnders Hayley Slater4 of 12

EastEnders Hayley Slater

After proving her family wrong and actually fixing the tax, the Slaters are left shocked that Hayley's selling Charlie's cab for 10k online. Elsewhere she's planning to flog it so Jean can get her money back and she can keep the rest. However, Jean later finds a picture of when the Slaters arrived on The Square in the cab and after the rest of the family realise Jean isn't ready to give up the cab, they decide not to see it… just yet. Later on, Phil tells Keanu to either replace to tools that went missing or it's coming out of his wages.Eek!

EastEnders Max Branning5 of 12

Max Branning asks the rest of the residents for help

It may have happened last year but next week it'll become clear that the residents in Albert Square are still not over Max Branning's revenge plan and that it's his fault that Abi died and Lauren left. Max and his wife Rainie are involved in a custody battle for baby Abi and they begin to feel the pressure to get character references from friends to support them… we wonder why?Thinking on his feet, Max decides that he'll help Masood Ahmed with Harley in the hope that he'll be a reference but after Masood talks to his Aunty, he refuses to help.

EastEnders Carmel Kazemi6 of 12

EastEnders Carmel Kazemi

Not taking no for an answer, he offers to give Karen Taylor £200 if she's his character reference but when she discovers it's to get custody of his granddaughter she's disgusted and won't help him. Feeling desperate he then asks Carmel (who recently lost her son Shakil) for a reference but she's brutally honest and tells him he's had way too many chances.

EastEnders Max Branning and Rainie Branning7 of 12

EastEnders Max Branning and Rainie Branning

Feeling hopeless, especially after the rest of the residents discover he asked Carmel, Rainie suggests he ask Stacey. Will he have the courage to ask her? Especially after all the drama they've been through together…Later on in the week, Max and Rainie get ready to play happy families for the social worker – will they win them over?

EastEnders Mick Carter Stuart Highway8 of 12

Stuart Highway wants Mick Carter's help

This week Mick Carter discovers a huge secret about his pal and next week Stuart admits he wants Mick to help him out. Explaining to his friend that he's not a vigilante, will he be able to win Mick over?

EastEnders Mick Carter Stuart Highway9 of 12

EastEnders Mick Carter Stuart Highway

Later on, Linda and Ollie head to her mums for a visit but as soon as she leaves, Stuart heads over the The Vic and recruits his younger brother Halfway to join him on a predator meeting. Mick tries to talk Halfway out of going but after he catches him sneak out to meet Stuart, he reveals he can't let his brother down.

EastEnders Ted Murray Patrick Trueman10 of 12

Patrick Trueman discovers Ted Murray never received the lottery money

Earlier this year Patrick won the lottery and left Ted some money, unfortunately Keegan's dad Mitch Baker stole the money and poor Ted was none the wiser. It's a well-known that the truth will prevail and next week Patrick and Ted discover the truth.

EastEnders Ted Murray Patrick Trueman11 of 12

Patrick Trueman discovers Ted Murray never received the lottery money

It all starts when Ted and Patrick are sitting in The Vic enjoying a drink, Ted is left mortified when Patrick goes to drink some rum from his flask but discovers it's not booze but Joyce's ashes. It's not long before Patrick discovers Ted never received the money he left for Joyce's funeral and after putting two and two together he thinks the Taylors took the money.

EastEnders Ted Murray12 of 12

EastEnders Ted Murray

Ted is quick to confront the family about Patrick's money and is quick to write them off telling them he wants nothing more to do with any of them.Oh boy.Following the accusations, Bernie figures out Mitch is the true culprit and after Karen explains the truth to Ted she tells him she'll pay him back.

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