EastEnders spoilers: Has Lucy Beale’s drug dealer just been exposed?

Fans to see shocking new side to popular character after they lash out in a drug-fuelled rage

EastEnders spoilers: Has Lucy Beale's drug dealer just been exposed?

by Kayleigh Dray |
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EastEnders fans have been desperately wondering who killed Lucy Beale for weeks now - and, this week, armchair detectives are about to become privy to some shocking new evidence.

The drama kicks off tonight (December 1) as Ian and Jane give into the temptation to search through the late Lucy's mobile phone.

With Ian (Adam Woodyatt) convinced that his daughter hated him before her death, Jane (Laurie Brett) tries to prove him wrong by reading out some of the many texts that she sent him in the weeks leading up to her murder.

But, when Lucy's stepmother finds an unsent message on the phone, she is horrified by its contents - and who it was meant for.

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While we have yet to learn the details of the shocking discovery, it has been confirmed that it will have serious repercussions for Peter Beale (Ben Hardy).

Following the revelation, the market trader is set to experience serious problems in his relationship with his dad and girlfriend Lauren Branning (Jacqueline Jossa), with them both refusing to speak to him.

Lost without his father and girlfriend, and struggling to cope with the fact he is celebrating his 21st birthday without his twin sister, Peter gives into temptation and takes cocaine.

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Feeling the effects of the drugs, a furious and desperate Peter storms home and bangs on the window, calling for Ian, who is sitting inside ignoring him.

A concerned Jane witnesses Peter's rage and tries to calm him down, but in a moment of temper, Peter bangs the window so hard it smashes.


Could his shocking moment of violent rage - not to mention his newly-discovered cocaine habit (something his late sister also suffered from) - mean that he killed his twin in a fit of anger?

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One thing has been made clear; Ian has discovered something about his son which he cannot forgive.

We guess it remains to be seen what that may be.

EastEnders to air these scenes the week commencing Monday, December 1.

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