EastEnders spoilers: Could Jay Mitchell find himself homeless at Christmas?

Jay's past will catch up with him in coming weeks

EastEnders Jay Mitchell Phill Mitchell

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Jay Mitchell has been dealt a bad hand this year; from getting romantically involved with 14-year-old Linzi Bragg to being shunned from his family home and forced to live on the streets - he's been through more than most.

The popular EastEnders character has also dabbled in dealing drugs to help pay his way – the result of being unable to find stable work after finding himself on the sex offenders' register for five years.

We really wanted Jay to find some happiness over the festive period and – but it's not looking likely.

In upcoming episodes, a social worker is called to the Mitchell family home to check up on Jay's living arrangements and when they discover that Jay is living with underage Louise (who he counts as his sister), he is then forced to seek alternative living arrangements.

EastEnders Jay Mitchell Phill Mitchell

Will this mean Jay will be homeless this Christmas?

Phil (Steve McFadden) Mitchell attempts to stand up to the officer bearing the bad news - but will his intervention just land Jay in even more trouble? And with Jay's relationship with Billy Mitchell becoming more strained by the day, will Jay have no choice but to live on the streets?

Actor Jamie Borthwick, who plays Jay, has assured fans that his character will stay in the square and will try his best to get his life back on track, he told RadioTimes:

"It's not how it usually is this Christmas.

"Expect a bit of a shock. It's a mixture of happy and low key.”

Some eager fans are even hoping Jay's sad situation will make him turn to his childhood love Abi Branning.

This EastEnders fan theory certainly supports that theory...

It reads: “There is a long road ahead for [Jay's] character and the best way to do that is to have Abi save his life by helping him find shelter, some food and place to lay down some roots.”

The Mitchell's have one hell of a 2016 - they all said farewell to their very own East End queen Peggy, Grant sensationally returned, Jay found himself homeless after being placed on the sex offenders' register, Ben finally got his happily ever after (then lost it all) and Phil has battled with cirrhosis of the liver.

EastEnders Jay Mitchell Phill Mitchell

And now the family are set to take centre stage this Christmas – as Phil continues to battle with his illness and Ronnie and Roxy depart our screens in tragic circumstances...

We don't think we could take anymore heartache.

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