BABY BOMBSHELL! Which Corrie character is expecting a little one?

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Kate is stunned when she discovers Rana is pregnant!

New wife Rana is in proper old pickle isn’t she! She’s only recently tied the knot with Zeedan but it’s not him she’s lusting over, it’s Kate Connor!

She and Aiden’s little sister have embarked on a passionate affairand can’t stop thinking about eachother. Kate is beginning to pile the pressure on Rana and thinks they should come clean to Zeedan….mmm, yes, we can see that going down well.

Coroanation Street
Rana and Kate are having a secret affair ©ITV

Rana is adamant they must stay quiet for now however Luke is in on their secret and next week he has a pop at Rana for doing the dirty on his mate Zeedan.

Coronation Street
Luke tells Rana she needs to come clean to Zeedan ©ITV

A guilty Rana is sent into a spin when Luke confronts her in the pub and tells her either she tell her hubby exactly what’s going on, or he will! However he’s stunned when Rana turns to face him and breaks the news that she’s pregnant!

“There’s a moment in the Rovers where Luke is about to tell Zeedan the truth about Rana”, says Bhavna Limbachia who plays her. “But then Rana drops the bombshell that she’s pregnant.”

Coronation Street
Luke's shocked when Rana breaks the news she's pregnant ©ITV

Luke backs off but Kate is later heart-broken when she hears the news. With a baby on the way, what will this mean for her and Rana’s secret relationship and will it all be over before it’s really got going?

“She knows that whichever way she turns she’s going to break someone’s heart”, says Bhavna.

Mark our words, things are about to get a LOT more tangled.

“Something will happen that will surprise and shock”, teases Bhavna. “There will be some twists that viewers will least expect!”

Coronation Street
Zeedan on his wedding day ©ITV

What will happen to Zeedan and Rana? And who does Rana deep down want to be with, Kate, Zeedan or both? *Do you think it's game over for Rana and Zee? Let us know on Facebook or [Twitter](*


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