EEEW CREEPY! Michelle gets a spooky gift from stalker Tom in EastEnders


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It looks like Tom isn’t going to give up as he sends 'Chelle some unsettling gifts

First there were flowers, then there was the constant showing up uninvited and now he’s literally spying on her house! Tube Man Tom has become seriously sinister and there are rumours circulating that he is actually working for super-creep James Willmott-Brown who recently made a shock return to Walford.

Could Tom be caught up in JWB’s master-plan to bring revenge to everyone he feels betrayed him when he was banged up for Kathy Beale’s rape. We know Wilmott-Brown is planning to target Caffy, but does he also want to take down her close mates, including Michelle?

Could creepy Tom be working for JWB? (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

We’ll have to wait and see but what we do know is that Tom is showing no signs WHATSOEVER of leaving ‘Chelle alone.

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This week Martin’s big sis gets more unwelcome gifts. She unwraps the prezzie that Sharon hands her and which has been left at the Mitchell’s house, only to discover some macarons inside, (Ooh get Tom and his posh patisserie!). Being confectionary lovers ourselves we’d actually be quite pleased with that little edible treat, but what is more worrying is the other gift inside the package which is a scarf.

Surprise! Sharon hands Michelle a prezzie that's arrived (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Nothing wrong with that you may think, but things get a little creepier when Michelle discovers the floaty fabric has a strong whiff of perfume about it and starts to think the item could have belonged to Tom’s ex-wife! Tom's DEAD ex-wife. Hmm?

Ooh a scarf that smells of someone else. What a treat! (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

Michelle has hardly had time to start worrying about it when the Mitchell abode, where Michelle is staying, start receiving some anonymous calls.

Ok, it’s all starting to get just a bit too weird now. What is Tom’s agenda? Let’s not forget he seemed to have targeted Michelle right from the start and the last time we saw him, he was clutching her comb that he’d managed to nick. We’re beginning to think the no-nonsense Fowler should start to be getting more than a little bit worried. What will Stalker Tom do next?...

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