EastEnders: Is Ronnie in danger as she finds out identity of mysterious Andy?


Andy Flynn eastenders Ronnie Mitchelle

by Hannah Mellin |
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We’re a little bit obsessed with mysterious Andy Flynn, played by Jack Derges.

Who is he? Where is he from and what does he want?

We've seen Roxy Mitchell slowly give into his temptations but is he just using her to get to her sister?

Andy Flynn eastenders Ronnie Mitchelle

We already know that he’s been keeping a secret file of press cuttings about Ronnie Mitchell’s dark past - focusing primarily on that baby swap scandal (which saw her switch her dead child James with Kat Moon's newborn son Tommy in 2010) and her deceased daughter Danielle.

Andy Flynn eastenders Ronnie Mitchelle

And it now looks like we may be a little closer to finding out who he REALLY is…

In coming weeks, Ronnie looks set to have a showdown with Andy, as she makes some unsettling discoveries about his mystery past.

Ronnie’s suspicions start to grow after Andy offers to take the kids out to the zoo and is late back returning them.

Determined to get to the bottom of what Andy is about, Ronnie visits Kyle who finally gives in and tells her about the mysterious folder.

Andy Flynn eastenders Ronnie Mitchelle

After piecing everything together, Ronnie finally realises who Andy is.

Will she confront him about his alleged connections to her daughter Danielle?

Could all this support our theory that Andy is Danielle's brother?

Who do you think Andy REALLY is?

Let us know your theories on Facebook and Twitter (@CloserOnline.)

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