EastEnders: Phil confronts Grant over Sharon’s lovechild

What a shock!

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

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Oh it’s so good to have Grant back in the square, isn’t it? The flirty banter with Belinda, the chemistry with Sharon, the surprise arrival of his beloved Courtney, that infamous leather jacket...

The Mitchell family is back at its best!

And a few weeks ago, we suspected that one of Grant Mitchell’s storylines could involve him finding out that he has an estranged son – the result of a regretful one night stand with Michelle Fowler (Susan Tully) waaaay back in 1995.

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

Sharon – Grant’s former love interest and his brother Phil’s current wife – recently jetted off to America after Peggy received a mysterious letter from Michelle Fowler, after she passed away.

So could Grant potentially be reunited with 20-year-old Mark?


Last night, EastEnders confirmed our speculation and dropped the massive doof doof that revealed the truth: Grant IS Mark’s father.

After Phil became annoyed about Sharon spending a lot of time with Grant (who admitted he still loves her), he decided to rifal through her handbag.

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

Only to find a letter from Michelle hidden in Sharon's handbag.

Confronting her, Phil said: "When was you gonna tell me Sharon, eh? When was you gonna tell me Michelle has had Grant's baby?"

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

Does this amazing twist mean we'll meet Michelle again or will Mark Jnr. make an appearance?

We can’t wait to see what’s in store.

EastEnders continues Thursday 7.30PM, BBC1.

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