EastEnders: Who is Grant Mitchell and where has he been?

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EastEnders Grant Mitchell

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Grant Mitchell is returning to Walford.

Although some people aren't too bothered, we think you SHOULD be.

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

Here's a much-needed recap:

Who IS Grant Mitchell?

Doesn't everyone on this earth know who he is? Apparently not, because Grant Mitchell left EastEnders waaaay back in 1999 – a massive 16 years ago! He returned for brief spells in 2005/2006 but we'll get to that bit later.

So if you're part of the younger EastEnders audience, you were most likely still in nappies back then, unable to keep up with Sharongate and the like.

grant mitchell eastenders

Grant is an iconic EastEnders character and has kind of lived vicariously through his brother and mum, Phil and Peggy Mitchell, over the years that he's been absent.

But just in case you need a reminder...

  • Grant Mitchell arrived in the square in Febuary 1990, along with his brother (Phil) and mum (Peggy). They quickly set up a local business, The Arches, and Grant quickly starts to woo the local barmaid (Sharon Watts). The pair end up getting married and shack up in the Queen Vic.

  • Grant's initial problems in the Square revolve around his over-possessive nature, anger problems and jealousy. His marriage to Sharon is extremely rocky, plagued with fights and crime. Sharon is comforted through it all by Phil and they have an affair, also known as Sharongate...

EastEnders Grant Mitchell
  • In 1994, Grant discovers a recording of Phil and Sharon talking about their romance and plays it to the WHOLE Queen Vic at Phil and Kathy's engagement bash. It's one of the most memorable/dramatic EastEnders episodes. Sharon escapes it all by heading to America, leaving the Mitchell brothers to continue their feud.

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  • However, things are far from happy, because on New Years Eve 1998, Tiffany discovers that Grant has been having an affair with her mother Louise (!). She planned to flee to Spain with Courtney but was hit by a car driven by Frank Butcher, she died just as the clock struck midnight, leaving Grant heartbroken.

  • In 1999, Grant and Phil plan to cheat some gangsters to pay off some debt. However, the job doesn't go as planned when Phil finds out that Grant slept with his ex-wife Kathy in revenge for Phil sleeping with Sharon...

  • Phil then pulls out a gun and shoots the steering wheel in their getaway car, causing it to loose control and plummet in the Thames. Phil survives but Grant is presumed dead.

A week later it's revealed that he IS alive and escaped to Rio with Courtney and had the stolen money.


Where is Grant Mitchell now?

Despite returning briefly in 2005 to help his sister Sam get out of being sent down for the killing of Den Watts and again in 2006 after having money troubles back in Brazil – Grant has been sunning it up in a variety of tropical destinations.

Most recently he has been living in Portugal with Courtney.

He recently returned briefly after Sharon let him know his beloved ma was poorly and ended up having a scuffle with Phil. He left before Peggy took her own life.

He attended her funeral, although no one else was aware he had shown up to pay his respects.

EastEnders Grant Mitchell

Ross Kemp, who plays Grant, announced his three-week long return to the soap earlier this month.

He told Radio Times: “The episodes I’m in are split over August and September.

“It’s a very strong Mitchell storyline. It’s the Mitchells back together!”


We hope that Grant’s return could open a door for a longer stint in the soap sometime soon!

Some Grant Mitchell/Ross Kemp facts:

  • To this day, he still struggles to learn all his lines.

  • He would love to have a tear up with Danny Dyer (Mick Carter).

  • Grant's full name is Grant Anthony Mitchell.

  • The Mitchell brothers (Ross Kemp and Steve McFadden) were both cast due to their striking resemblance to one another.

  • The character of Grant Mitchell has been hailed as "one of the most iconic and popular in the history of soap".

  • He had a lovely little relationship with Jane Beale and some still root for their romance.

Grant's returning scenes will air next week (w/c Monday 1 August) in EastEnders on BBC One.

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