EastEnders fan theories: How will Ronnie and Roxy exit the soap?

A new year means loads of new misery for the residents of Walford...

EastEnders Ronnie and Roxy

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Line up the tissues for New Year guys, because EastEnders favourite sister act, Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, are gearing up to leave Walford for good. Sob!

Ever since the news leaked that the on-screen sisters will be leaving AT THE SAME TIME after a decade of award-winning drama – the rumour mill has been on fire with possible storylines. However, the folks over at EastEnders are keeping very quiet.

So, to help get your detective brains whirling, we've collated some of the best Ronnie and Roxy fan theories around – and even thought of a few of our very own.

EastEnders Ronnie and Roxy

Wedding disaster

Viewers will already know that Ronnie Mitchell will be marrying the love of her life, Jack Branning, on News Years Day 2017 – in a no-expense spared lavish ceremony.

We're not sure why Ronnie agreed to the date, especially as New Year has been a notoriously cursed time for the Mitchell family - think baby swaps, deaths, dramatic car accidents and failed marriages.

We're not anticipating a happily-ever-after for Jack and Ronnie, especially with Roxy Mitchell venturing down a troubled path over the festive period that will see her finally go ahead with letting the couple adopt her daughter Amy...

Could the wedding really go by without a hitch? Or will Roxy nosedive even more on the day of the wedding, leading the the unthinkable?

Will Ronnie have to sacrifice her happiness to save her sister? Only time will tell.

A familiar face from Ronnie's past returns for revenge?

We've lost count of how many enemies Ronnie has made over the ten years she's been in Walford. Could Ronnie and Roxy be in danger from someone with connections to their pasts?

From Charlie Cotton to Fatboy (yes, really), Ronnie has definitely got some skeletons in her closet that could come back and haunt her...

EastEnders favourite Fatboy was incorrectly targeted by Ronnie Mitchell’s hitmen when twisted Claudette tricked them into thinking that he was her son, Vincent. Despite leading viewers to think that Fatboy had been crushed in the boot of the car, could he be back for revenge?

Remember, we never saw a body.

Ronnie or Roxy to donate their liver to save Phil's life?

EastEnders Ronnie and Roxy

Now, this seems to be pretty plausible, especially as the two storylines will both climax around Christmas/ New Year.

Phil's health is rapidly deteriating over the festive period - with the Christmas trailer even hinting that the EastEnders legend could die on Christmas day. And now fans have been discussing that if the sisters do infact meet their maker, could they in turn be saving Phil Mitchell's life by donating a life-saving liver to their family member?

Even though their end may be tragic - could Phil have a bright future ahead of him?

EastEnders are keeping shtum about the storyline, with a spokesman from the show releasing this statement: "We know how much our audience hate to have any future story lines spoilt so we will not comment on speculative stories.

"At no point have we received any concerns from cast about any of out future story lines."

Roxy to get herself into huge trouble with drug dealers?

Roxy will venture down a dark path over the Christmas period, spending the majority of the weekend drinking and dabbling back into her drug habit. Viewers will already know that Roxy had made the heartbreaking decision to ask her sister to adopt her daughter Amy in the hope that she can give her a better life.

And as Roxy's feelings of alienation will start to grow even more when Jack and Ronnie plan to transfer their lives to Ongar - will Roxy turn to drugs to help her through? And will she get herself into trouble with drug dealers like she has in the past?

Clearly on a downward spiral, will Ronnie be the only one to help her sister? And at what cost?

EastEnders Ronnie and Roxy

One sister dies trying to save the other

We're all aware that Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell are both leaving EastEnders in an explosive storyline, but will only one meet their tragic end and the other survive to tell the tale? Will part of the storyline be that one sister is to blame?

Or will they leave this world united as sisters? Just like they always have been.

They both leave, unharmed

Back to Ibiza?

Could this whole 'surprise departure' news just be a huge cover up for something else? Soaps will always have the ability to surprise their viewers (even in the age of social media) and often put out false trails to lead everyone off the scent...

Could Ronnie ditch Jack at the alter and drive off into the sunset with her beloved sister? Not looking too likely but we can hope...

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