EastEnders: Is Andy Flynn planning a KIDNAP?

Things are getting pretty scary

Andy Flynn EastEnders

by Hannah Mellin |
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Mysterious stalker Andy Flynn, played by Jack Derges, is getting scarier by the day. From playing games with a fragile Roxy Mitchell to forming a strange relationship with Ronnie – could things be turning even more sinister?

From what we know so far, Andy has a folder full of information regarding Ronnie's dark past, focusing primarily on that baby swap scandal (which saw her switch her dead child James with Kat Moon's newborn son Tommy in 2010) and her deceased daughter Danielle.

Andy Flynn EastEnders

There is also a picture of Andy WITH Danielle, could they be related?

andy flynn eastenders

After Ronnie changes her mind about kicking Andy out of her house, instead making him her personal childminder, things take a sinister turn as Andy appears to book train tickets away from Walford.

Andy Flynn EastEnders

Could he kidnap Matthew, Amy and newcomer Richard (Ricky)?

Is Ronnie set to loose another child?

**What will Andy do next and who do YOU really think he is? **

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