Coronation Street: Alya Nazir has a new love rival

Will Ryan Connor's head be turned?

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Alya Nazir and Ryan Connor have been preparing to move into their own place together but their money worries are putting pressure on their relationship.

Soon there's another spanner in the works when Ryan's friendship with newbie Daisy Midgeley switches up a gear and Alya starts to clock that Daisy is after her bloke.

Will their relationship survive?

Billy Mayhew Corrie
Billy receives an unexpected proposal ©ITV

Elsewhere, Gail Platt announces she's taking some time to herself with an open-ended trip to Thailand, leaving Sam Blakeman distraught.

But is it an opportunity for him to spend more time with his dad?

In a bid to earn Summer Spellman's trust, Todd Grimshaw proposes to Billy Mahew to prove he's serious about their family, but Paul Foreman isn't convinced.

Fiz Brown delivers Tyrone Dobbs an ultimatum and Sarah Platt is worried about Izzy Armstrong.

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Coronation Street Monday 5 - Friday 9 July

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The week begins with an ultimatum for Tyrone - Fiz tells him that he has to tell Hope and Ruby about the pregnancy today, or else she will. Later on, Tyrone and Alina take the girls to Victoria Gardens where he tells them they're going to be welcoming a little brother or sister. How will they react?

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Over at number 5, Alya tells Ryan that she's heard that Debbie is looking for a trainee manager over at the Bistro and that he should apply. Ryan agrees, but later on he meets up with Daisy, who tells him she's got an idea for him to put his DJ skills to good use, without needing to take a restaurant job.

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Natasha and Sam drop round to number 8 with a get well soon card for Gail following her heart attack. But they're in for a shock when Gail breaks the news that it's time she took a break for her health, and is leaving for Thailand later in the week. When she says she doesn't know when she'll be back, Sam is distraught.

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Paul convinces Summer to attend her appointment with the diabetes nurse and when she gets home, Summer tells Billy how much she's missed having Paul around. Overhearing the conversation, Todd vows to win Summer's trust and later that evening gets down on one knee and proposes!

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With Daisy's support, Ryan has a business proposal for Jenny - a portable pub that people can hire for the evening, complete with a DJ. Jenny is on board and Daisy and Ryan get to work planning their promo party in Victoria Garden. Soon Alya starts to think that Daisy might be after her boyfriend.

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Sarah is growing increasingly concerned about Izzy when her samples are late and not up to scratch. A firm-handed Carla tells Sarah that it's time Izzy came back to work at the factory, and if she refuses, they'll have to give her the sack. But when Izzy says she wants to resign out of the blue, Sarah worries there's something she's not telling them.

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Following Todd's proposal not everyone is pleased by the news and Paul warns Billy that he'll regret marrying him. When Todd starts to receive threatening notes cautioning 'the truth will come out', he tells Billy, Paul is behind them. But when Billy goes to confront Paul, it's clear he knows nothing about the notes.

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Audrey, Nick, David and Shona arrive for Gail's send off. With Gail gone, Leanne takes it upon herself to bridge the gap between Nick and Sam and pays Natasha a visit to ask her to consider letting them spend more time together. Relenting, Natasha agrees and is soon impressed by Nick's parenting.

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Alya tells Ryan she thinks Daisy fancies him but Ryan immediately jumps to her defence. After Alya confronts Daisy, a mock offended Daisy tells Ryan about it and they end up having a drink together. After plying Ryan with cocktails, Daisy makes her move.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up on Corrie this week...

When David Platt tries to convince his mum Gail to allow Nick Tisley to see Sam Blakeman, Gail is having none of it and insists she needs to respect Natasha Blakeman's rules.

But when the boys work out a way round Gail's hard no, she's left in quite the state, leading her to have a suspected heart attack.

Fiz Brown Tyrone Dobbs Corrie
Fiz delivers Tyrone an ultimatum ©ITV


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Elsewhere, James Bailey is pleased when his ex Danny wants to meet up but continues to feel torn between his sexuality and his footballing career.

Is he ready to open up?

Meanwhile, Jenny Connor sets the wheels in motion to buy the Rover's Return outright and with Johnny Connor finding somewhere new to live, is it really the end of an era for the former couple?

Summer Spellman leaves her dad in turmoil, Alya Nazir is irritated with Ryan Connor and Alina Popp drops a baby bombshell.

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