WHOA! Could there be a New Year BABY on the way for Corrie couple Steve and Tracy?

Coronation Street

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As the pair reunite this Christmas, could we be expecting the patter of tiny feet in 2018?

We’ve already broken the glad tidings that Steve and Tracy are going to be spending quite a bit of time together this Christmas….and some of it under the sheets! Ooh we say, the cheeky pair. But will their unexpected Yuletide reunion also lead to the patter of tiny feet?

Coronation Street
A drunken Carol Service leads to some tipsy antics ©ITV
Coronation Street
Tracy and Steve lock lips ©ITV

The pair, who we’re more used to seeing tearing strips off one another, already have daughter Amy together and we reckon there could be a new addition for 2018 given that a) this is Soapland where even the briefest of liaisons nearly ALWAYS leads to pregnancy testing kits and “shock baby bombshells” and B) this is super-stud Steve MacDonald we’re talking about, the same man who managed to father two babies in the space of few weeks with cobble-dwellers Michelle and Leanne.

Coronation Street
One thing leads to another! ©ITV

As their relationship rekindles over the festive period, (following a tipsy Christmas Carol sesh), they certainly waste no time in getting down to business between the sheets. Daniel is perturbed to see Steve being ushered down from Tracy’s room on Christmas Day after a night of passion.

Coronation Street
Tracy bundles Steve down the stairs after a night of passion ©ITV

Meanwhile Trace is more than a little miffed when she learns that Steve has given his ex, Michelle, a huge cash-injection after discovering that his ex wife and Robert are cash-strapped. But she’s soon appeased when the former landlord reassures her that he no longer has feelings for Michelle who was the mother of his child, baby Ruairi who tragically passed away.

Kate Ford who plays maneater Trace says, “When Tracy discovers that Steve has given Michelle £10,000 that doesn’t go down at all well. She says, ‘You’ve never given ME £10,000!’”

Could jealousy over Steve’s exes spur Deidre’s daughter into having another baby to lay claim to her man, not to mention his generous wallet.

Right now Kate’s not so sure. She says, “I don’t think Tracy wants a baby at the moment. When Amy was a baby she found it really boring and was constantly asking Emily – or whoever was walking past the house at the time- to babysit.”

Coronation Street
Could there be a new sibling on the way for their daughter Amy? ©ITV

And when asked what present Tracy would buy Steve for Christmas Kate joked, “I said I was going to get him the snip!”

Wishful thinking perhaps! With Tracy and Steve back in eachother’s arms, we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Amy were to have a sibling in 2018. Let's face it, far crazier things have happened in Weatherfield!

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