EEK! Luke’s LIFE IN DANGER as he goes head to head with Phelan in Corrie

Coronation Street

by Tess Lamacraft |
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As Luke tackles Phelan over Andy’s disappearance, things take a very dangerous turn!...

Ever since Andy vanished into thin air, his mate Luke has become a proper little Poirot and been on a one-man mission to track him down.

Meanwhile Phelan, who we all know kept poor Andy prisoner for nearly a year before finally bumping him off, has been doing everything he can to throw inquisitive sleuth Luke off the scent.

But time is running out!....

Coronation Street
Andy finds the wire model made by Andy ©ITV

When Luke comes across the little wire model of a house in the cab office, he’s sure it was made by his pal Andy and when Eileen explains she found it at the site where Phelan was working before it was burnt down, Luke’s brain starts whirring.

Coronation Street
As he studies the model Luke's suspicions go into overdrive ©ITV

He decides to call Andy’s mate, Matt, and tells him he’s convinced that Andy’s not back-packing around Belize like everyone thinks he is.

Matt agrees to meet Luke in a bar in town to go through the mysterious Andy saga, but when Luke arrives early, his suspicions are piqued when he sees Matt locked in deep conversation with none other than Phelan! Hmmm... what's going on here then?

Coronation Street
Andy sees Phelan with Matt ©ITV

Waiting for Phelan to go, Luke approaches Matt who under pressure, admits he has absolutely no idea where Andy is, and it was Phelan who blackmailed him into saying the barman was exploring in Belize!

Coronation Street
Luke's horrified to discover Andy's not in Belize after all and Matt has been blackmailed ©ITV

With Luke now aware that Phelan has been lying to him all along, he tracks down the plotting builder and demands to know exactly what has happened to the Invisible Man of Mystery aka Andy.

But when Eileen’s cunning hubby fails to answer, Luke tells him he’s going straight to the police to report Andy missing and tell them everything he knows.

Coronation Street
With the net closing in, can Phelan keep up the lies to wife Eileen ©ITV

Not surprisingly, Phelan doesn’t like this threat one little bit and the snarling builder immediately retaliates by smacking Luke over the head with a rock! YIKES!

As the two men get into a vicious fight, is Luke about to go the same way as Vinnie and Andy and become Phelan’s third victim?

We don’t fancy the mechanic's chances against the burly builder who already has two victims blood on his hands….be scared VERY scared!

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