Coronation Street Spoilers: Daniel learns the truth about Sinead’s cancer

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Coronation Street spoilers Monday 22 October - Friday 26 October: pressure builds on Sinead to tell Daniel the truth about her health, Abi is questioned by police, and Mary discovers Jude has been lying...

But before we get into next week's storylines, let's recap on what's going on this week in the cobbles...

Peter told Daniel that he had no choice but no suspend Sinead, and Sinead told Daniel that he must accept the place on the Masters course.

Sinead attended her hospital appointment, where she was devastated to learn that she has cervical cancer.

She was told that she should consider a termination of her pregnancy. Ken was horrified when Sinead reveals she doesn't want to tell Daniel about the cancer as she doesn't want him put in a position where he has to choose between her and the baby.

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Daniel was interrogated by the police, where he was asked about being at the death of Cormac and the crash involving Ronan. He lied to the police when asked about the firearm found in his car.

The police questioned Michelle about the accident and she was shocked when they told her Ronan had a gun in his car.

Coronation Street spoilers: Monday 22 October - Friday 26 October


Coronation Street spoilers - Closer WEEK 43

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Ken is piling the pressure on Sinead to tell Daniel about her diagnosis.

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Daniel calls in the cafe to find Sinead in tears and demands to know what Ken has done to upset her.

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Later, Sinead suffers a dizzy spell on her way into work.

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When Daniel tells Ken that he's worried about her, Ken covers his unease.

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An excited Jude tells Mary and Angie that he has got an interview for a place on the paramedics course.

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Yasmeen is surprised revealing he fainted at the first sight of blood on her first aid course.

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Roy, however, is delighted and offers him a cheque for £5000 - but Mary later discovers that Jude walked out of a university exam and has been LYING to them all.

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What will Mary do with this shocking information?

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Chesney waits nervously for Gemma in the bistro, but it disappointed when she turns up with her friend Spike, blissfully unaware of his romantic intentions. To save his embarrassment, Emma steps in to make up the foursome.

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The police arrive to question Abi about Michelle's car.

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As Abi's led away, Tracy forms a plan...

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...and pockets Abi's wallet and keys.

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Abi goes to the show the police the CCTV footage, knowing it will prove her innocence, but she's horrified when Kevin discovers the laptop has been stolen.

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As the police question Abi they suggest she was in cahoots with Ronan and sabotaged the car in return for drugs. Abi's furious and back on the street loses her temper with a disbelieving Kevin.

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Nick surprises Toyah and Sarah when he announces he's a deposit down and paid three months rent on Johnny's old flat in Victoria Street.

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Nick masks his panic when David notes all his missed calls from 'E'.

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But when Shona overhears him telling someone that he's been looking after his Mum she's suspicious and confronts Nick.

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David returns home to find Shona and Nick mid row... and David drops a bombshell.

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Brian compliments Ken on his first published story, and Ken says it's all down to Claudia.

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As Lewis reads Ken's story aloud in the salon, Audrey becomes upset and grabbing the Gazette, chucks it in the bin.


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