Jack P Shepherd hints David Platt could LEAVE Coronation Street after 18 years on the show

Coronation Street legend, Jack P Sheperd has implied that after 18 years on the cobbles, his character David Platt may be booted from the show.

Jack Shepherd

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This hinting follows a disturbing rape plot that the 30-year-old soap actor recently took on.

Jack spoke to fan blog Coronation Street Updates saying, "I’ve been in the show for 18 years now and played every single storyline you could possibly play.

"Ultimately in soaps I think if it does change the character then you must see what you want from the character.”

"Do you want David Platt to change and if so why? If he does change, does he eventually have to leave?”

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Coronation Street spoilers - first week of October CLOSER

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Corrie spoilers

Billy is shocked when he sees David bundling Josh into his car.

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Corrie spoilers

He comes concerned that David is about to do something stupid.

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Corrie spoilers

What's David planning?

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Sinead breaks down when she admits to Beth that she's 12 weeks pregnant, but has been bleeding for the last four weeks.

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corrie spoilers

Sinead goes to the hospital for her 12 week scan, and she and Daniel are delighted when they see the baby pop up on the sonogram screen

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However, after Daniel leaves the room, Sinead tells the doctor about the bleeding. on further investigation, a lump is found on her cervix. Sinead is told it needs further investigation.

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Sinead is at her wits end after being told that the lump may be cancerous, and she may need chemotherapy, and may also have to have a termination.

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But when Daniel receives a letter from his mum but says he wants nothing to do with her, Sinead puts her worries on the back burner to support him.

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Ryan sticks to his story that he left the flat and when he came back Cormac was dead. He tells Sophie that he panicked and didn't call an ambulance and asks her to back up his version of events.

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In fear of Ronan, Ryan reveals he's planning to do a runner and suggests Ali should do the same.

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Ali refuses, and the police arrive.

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Ryan is arrested and taken to the station.

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Ryan is held in a police cell.

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Imran represents Ryan in his police interview. He tells them the truth about how he delayed calling an ambulance. The police warn if the pills found in his pocket match those that killed Cormac he's in serious trouble.

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Daniel apologises to Kirk for talking down to him about the big cat and surprises him by asking him to be best man at the wedding.

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Ali tells Jude to come clean and give Roy the money back

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Jude gives the cheque back to Roy as Ali watches

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In a bid to ease Jack's return to school, Brian promises he can play computer games with his mates at breaktime

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Jack later tells Kevin he feels different at school.


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Jack Shephard

"After a while the character must come to terms with what has happened to them and move on, then you can live out other stories."

Jack said he was proud of David for making it through such tough storylines.

The father of two was praised on his performance for the emotional scenes and also won this year’s British Soap Award for Best Actor.

Jack Shepherd

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