UH OH! Who’s about to rumble Rana and Kate’s secret affair in Corrie?

Coronation Street

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Robert is stunned when he catches secret lovers Rana and Kate together in his flat! Will he tell Zeedan?

Oh dear, Kate and Rana are in a right old mess but it’s Rana who’s in the biggest pickle.

She has already lied to Luke and pretended she’s pregnant to get him off her back, meanwhile her new hubby, Zeedan, is super-excited about their future together and is ploughing all his energy into their new foodie venture.

Uh oh…shame he has no idea that his wife is far more interested in locking lips with her secret lover Kate, than cooking up meal plans for their planned café.

Luke is already in the know about Kate and Rana’s affair, (and he’s definitely not happy about it), but as the New Year kicks off Robert is also going to discover the truth!

Coronation Street
Rana tells Kate she's going to leave Zeedan to be with her ©ITV

When the Bistro boss clocks his other half, Michelle, handing over the keys to their flat, his suspicions are piqued but when he later decides to pop round, he’s gobsmacked to see exactly what is going on!

Yikes. There are red-faces all round as it’s pretty darn obvious the girls aren’t there for a natter over a cuppa and some Hobnobs!

Coronation Street
Will Robert tell Zeedan what he saw? ©ITV

Later on, and feeling bad for Zeedan, Robert decides to offer the chef his job back at The Bistro but when Zeedan turns him down and explains how he and Rana are planning to open their own café, Luke puts his foot in it by inadvertently bringing up the matter of Rana’s “pregnancy!”

Oh dear, that’s news to Zeedan. Zee later scurries off to confront his wife and ask if he’s a daddy. Mmm....strange she hadn't thought to mention it! How is Rana going to get out of this one?

Coronation Street
A confused Zeedan asks his wife if she's pregnant ©ITV

It’s all too much for the nurse who knows it’s not fair to continue stringing her hubby along. Enough’s enough.

She later meets up with Kate and tells her she can no longer live with all the lies and is going to break the news to Zeedan that’s she’s leaving him. Good luck with that.

When Zee comes home on cloud nine having found the perfect premises for their new café, will Rana really be able to smash his heart into a million little pieces? Or maybe someone else will do it for her?

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