Coronation Street Spoilers: There’s ANOTHER twist for Bethany Platt’s story and it’s just as dark as the others

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Just when we hoped Bethany Platt's grooming ordeal in Coronation Street was over, Nathan Curtis has another card up his sleeve

Hands up who thought that once Sarah, Gary and Nathan rescued Bethany from evil Nathan's nasty clutches, her horrific ordeal would be over? Us too. But since then, the vulnerable teen has been counting the days until she gets to see him again. We've seen her plotting with creepy policeman Neil and she's planning to leave Weatherfield and escpae abroad with Nathan. Or so she thinks.

*Will Bethany leave with Nathan? (Credit: ITV Pictures) ©ITV Pictures

Next week Bethany tells Mary that she's planning on leaving the country with Nathan. A panicked Mary tries to block her way and tells her about her own rape ordeal, trying to get Bethany to see what Nathan's doing is wrong.

But Bethany is still blinded by what she thinks is love and pushes Mary out of the way. Outside, Mary pleads with her to reconsider but Nathan pulls up in his car.

Nathan has been manipulating Bethany for months (Credit: ITV) ©ITV

Nathan tells Bethany that they're headed to Hull, then to Belgium. Bethany has to confess she can't find her passport. Irritated, Nathan calls a contact to source a new passport, then he drops a bombshell. Bethany is going to Belgium alone.

Meanwhile, Mary bursts into the Rovers and tells Sarah that Bethany has left with Nathan. The police are called in but will they be able to find the teen before Nathan smuggles her out of the country?

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