Good news for Coronation Street fans – evil Nathan WILL go to prison for his horrible grooming of Bethany


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Coronation Street fans can rest easy knowing that justice will be done and evil Nathan Curtis will go to prison for grooming Bethany Platt

It's been one of Corrie's most controversial storylines in for_ever_ and has had people divided over whether it's gone too far - but you can't deny that the Bethany Platt grooming storyline has got people talking. We've seen evil Nathan Curtis (Chris Harper) target and manipulate vulnerable teenager Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon).

*Nathan's going down! (Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

In harrowing scenes that have receieved A LOT of complaints, we've seen him persuade her to have sex with his friends. In one shocking episode, Bethany was followed into the bedroom by THREE ADULT MEN.

Since then, Bethany has been rescued by her family, but is still convinced her relationship with Nathan is a normal, loving one.

Bethany Platt Coronation Street
Scared Bethany is out of her depth (credit: ITV) ©ITV

Now he's planning to whisk the pretty teen abroad to sell her there.

Actor Chris Harper has revealed that Nathan is spiralling towards his comeuppance though - which is the news loads of Corrie fans have been waiting for.

Chris told OK! "I think we’ll see them [together] in court and he’ll end up in prison.

(Nathan will get his comeuppance Credit: ITV/ Coronation Street) ©ITV/ Coronation Street

"We wanted to show it’s worth victims telling people. It was also important to show that victims can be so manipulated, they don’t even realise they’re being abused."

What we really want is for Bethany to see Nathan's true colours and send him to rot in prison! And his horrible friends too. Especially creepy policeman, Neil.

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