Shayne Ward reveals Aidan’s powerful story has already helped save lives

Shayne Ward

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Coronation Street viewers have been rocked by the news of Aidan Connor's suicide

This week's episodes of Coronation Street have all been about the death of Aidan Connor, who took his own life in a shock suicide that no-one saw coming.

Although he has seemed a little distant in recent episodes, viewers were stunned by the moment Johnny Connor walked into Aidan's flat and found his body.

As the news makes its way around the residents of Weatherfield in last night's episode, actor Shayne Ward has opened up about portraying the harrowing scenes.

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Coronation Street

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David's cellmate Paul tries to wake him up

David is stuck in prison, but his cellmate Paul seems friendly enough.

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David gets the wrong idea

Unfortunately, as Paul tries to wake him up, David lashes out and shoves Paul against the wall as his volatile emotions come spilling out.

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Gail tries to drop hints to Emma

Gail tries to encourage Emma to move out of the Platt family home, but will oblivious Emma take the hint?

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Shona does some digging

Shona has been hinting to Imran that there are extenuating circumstances in David's case, but will she be able to encourage David to open up to Imran? However, when she admits she confronted Josh, David is terrified. Crafty Shona steals Josh's CV from the garage and tracks down his previous employers to try and dig up some dirt - and when a former colleague reveals how Josh was sacked, Shona's interest is piqued.

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Abi goes for a job interview

Abi goes for the mechanic's job at the garage - and while Kevin is impressed, Tyrone is still stinging from their last encounter. However, after Seb explains that Ali has struggled to find work because of her criminal past, Tyrone is reminded of his own mum and offers her the job.

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Eileen goes back to work

Steve and Tim do everything they can to make Eileen's first day back at work a good experience for her.

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They even get her favourite biccies

They treat her to her favourite biscuits as well as a "Welcome back Eileen" banner, which moves Eileen as she reflects on her good friends. But when she starts receiving silent calls on her phone, she's unnerved.

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Flora and Sinead don't exactly see eye to eye

Flora takes an instant dislike to Sinead, and even accuses her of trying to poison her - something Daniel finds hilarious. Sinead tells Beth that once they've gotten rid of Flora, she'll move in with Daniel - but Flora tells Sinead she's got the measure of her and won't be going anywhere soon.

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Johnny bottles up his emotions

Desperate Johnny visits Aidan's flat in an attempt to understand why he might have taken his life, but once there, Johnny has a panic attack. Jenny's treading on eggshells around him, but when she says Sophie isn't to blame for Aidan's death, he loses it at her and goes to bed. When Liz notices that Johnny could use a shoulder to cry on, she invites him into the back room.

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Liz helps Johnny open up

Johnny finally breaks down in Liz's arms. He reveals that Jenny's getting on his nerves and that he hates himself for failing his own son. Liz comforts him, but when he gets home and lashes out at Jenny again, Johnny storms out and ends up staying on Liz's sofa. How will Jenny react when she finds out that's where he stayed?

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Adam takes a liking to Flora

Adam is taking Aidan's death very hard, and orders Daniel to get rid of Flora - who is thankfully unfazed by his outburst. She later asks him about his day, and Adam finds himself opening up to Flora.

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Adam and Flora become fast friends

Adam reveals that he's scared his ongoing feud with Aidan might have contributed to his suicide, but Flora's comforting words make him feel better. He tells Flora she can stay in the flat for as long she likes, and later they go for dinner where Adam can't help enjoying her company.

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Michelle finds Aidan's will

Michelle and Carla begin to sort through Aidan's things, and Michelle comes across his will. She's stunned by the contents and puts it in her pocket. She later finds a note in Aidan's handwriting and the family read it together. Robert's shocked when Michelle shows him Aidan's will.

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Michelle shares Aidan's will with Carla

Michelle takes Aidan's will to Carla, who's equally as shocked. They consult with Adam over the contents.

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Robert has a proposition for Michelle

Michelle reveals she's cancelled the wedding, feeling that it wouldn't be right after Aidan's death, but when Ali suggests that a small family wedding could be what they all need, Robert is on board with the idea. He suggests it to Michelle - but how will she react?

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Liz discovers Ali's secret

Dr Gaddas lets slip that Ali had to pull a few strings to make sure his placement was in Weatherfield, and a puzzled Liz confronts Ali over his lie. She suggests that as he is clearly not there to build bridges with Michelle, he should get on with it.

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Yasmeen encourages Zeedan to move on

Yasmeen worries that Zeedan is getting his hopes up after Rana offers to work at Speed Dahl. She suggests that it's time he got over Rana, but he points out that she's still married to Sharif. This prompts her to set the wheels in motion for a divorce.

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Kate breaks down to Sophie

Sophie confides in Rosie about how she showed Johnny Aidan's text that she ignored, and that he basically blamed her for Aidan's death. When Kate breaks down over her brother's death, Sophie is there for her.

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Zeedan spots Kate and Sophie

A nosey Zeedan spots Sophie taking care of an upset Kate, and notes their intimacy with interest. Kate suggests to Sophie that they head into town and get drunk to take her mind off of Aidan.

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Sophie and Kate head into town

Sophie and Kate's friendship is stronger than ever as Sophie helps Kate take her mind off Aidan's death.

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Zeedan spots Kate and Sophie

Zeedan sees Kate and Sophie having a laugh in town.

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Zeedan takes photos

Zeedan takes photos of Kate and Sophie having fun together through the window.

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Rana catches him

Rana is horrified to see what Zeedan is up to, but when he admits he thought they were having an affair and was hoping to present her with proof how will she react? When the girls play drinking games, a group of lads try to join in and when Kate asks them to leave them alone, one of the lads becomes nasty.

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Zeedan steps in

Phil and his mates become even more intimidating, but quick-thinking Sophie triggers her rape alarm and scares them off. Rana tells Kate that she's asked Zeedan for a divorce, but as they kiss passionately in the ginnel, an angry Phil has followed them and grabs Kate.

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Phil gets more than he bargained for

When Zeedan hears Rana's scream, he runs over and punches Phil - knocking him unconscious.

Aidan's story has been written to tie in with ITV's Project 84 campaign, which started with statues of 84 men placed around the top of the ITV studios to help raise awareness for male suicide, which is the biggest killer of men in the UK under the age of 45.

And 33-year-old Shayne, who himself lost a relative to suicide, has revealed to The Sun that even in the last couple of days since the episodes were aired, he has received messages from people who were planning to take their own lives.

Aidan's suicide wasn't shown on-screen ©Coronation Street © ITV

He told the publication: "A lot of people who are considering attempting suicide have got in touch to say, ‘I’m calling somebody now. I was attempting it and you’ve helped me.’

"The response has been truly overwhelming."

Shayne earlier revealed that Corrie crew members had been left in tears after being reminded of their beloved colleague Mike Curtis, who took his own life in 2015 at the age of 32.

He told the paper: "I knew a lot of people on that floor while filming have been affected by someone that they know who has lost a life to suicide."

If you've been affected by Aidan's story, contact The Samaritans who are available 24/7 by calling 020 7734 2800.

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