Coronation Street Spoilers: Maria and Aidan are caught out – but by who?

Maria Aidan Coronation Street

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Looks like Maria and Aidan's secret fling is about to be exposed in Coronation Street

We all know by now that secret affairs in soaps don't stay secret for long. Someone should probably point that out to Coronation Street's Aidan and Maria who have started up their steamy romance again, behind Eva Price's back. The couple first got it on last year, and since then even confessed they were in love with each other. But then Maria was sent to prison and Aidan continued his relationship with oblivious Eva.

Maria Aidan Coronation Street
Who catches Aidan and Maria kissing? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

So far they've managed to keep their relationship secret, but it all looks like its about to come exploding out when David Platt catches Maria and Aidan snogging in the ginnel next week. Will they be forced into admitting the truth?

Meanwhile, Maria has a plan to get Eva to dislike her, so she doesn't have to feel so two-faced about the whole thing. She starts by taking the mick out of Eva in front of her co-workers and then starts bad-mouthing Leanne.

Maria Eva Coronation Street
Is there a showdown between Eva and Maria? (credit: ITV) ©ITV

But while Maria was hoping for a tiny tiff, it seems like she's caused World War Three when Eva hits the roof.

We wouldn't like to be in Maria's shoes when Eva finds out she's been sleeping with her boyfriend too.

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