Corrie spoilers: the cobble in chaos after THREE arrests in Weatherfield

Who are the unlucky lot?

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Coronation Street will be thrown into chaos this week when no less than THREE arrests are made in Weatherfield.

Firstly, James Bailey and his brother Michael are pulled over for seemingly no reason when test driving a fancy sports car, but things soon turn nasty when new police officer PC Brody arrests James.

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Fiz and Tyrone are still at loggerheads ©ITV

Laura Neelan has a wicked plan to cash in on her daughter Kelly's trauma but Imran Habeeb and Toyah Battersby soon put a stop to it.

And Todd Grimshaw's scheming is finally exposed when Paul Forman gets his revenge.

Elsewhere, Tyrone Dobbs can't hide his jealousy over Fiz Brown's new bloke and Chesney Brown is struggling to learn British Sign Language.

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The week begins with Hope determined to get Fiz and Tyrone back on good terms, and insisting that she needs both their help on her school project. As Hope gets to work on drawing her family, Tyrone is left feeling jealous when she includes a picture of Fiz's new boyfriend Phill.

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Taking a swish sports car out for a test drive following a hefty pay packet for his interview, James and Michael are pulled over by cops, and thing soon turn nasty, with the police officer arresting James. While Michael thinks they've been the victims of an unprovoked racist attack, James is convinced his career is over.

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Toyah and Imran get word that Laura is planning on selling Kelly's story for £30k. Horrified by her mum's actions, Toyah and Imran tell Kelly that though she might not have her mum's support, they'll be with her every step of the way.

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The locals gather in Victoria Gardens for the naked calendar launch but soon things descend into chaos when the video is switched to one of Todd boasting to Will about how he successfully managed to split up Paul and Billy and how he stole the heat pump. Billy is disgusted.

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After word gets out that Laura has been planning on selling her daughter's story to Chris the journalist for £30k, Toyah and Imran make it clear that if she does, they'll report her to social services. Soon a police officer arrives at the factory and arrests Laura on suspicion of child cruelty - but who actually reported her?

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Following the episode in Victoria Gardens, Paul looks on, finally starting to feel like he's getting his revenge after swapping the videos over. Craig arrives on the scene and arrests Todd on suspicion of theft.

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Freda sets Chesney and Gemma up with a British Sign Language teacher called Charlie. Despite his best efforts, though, learning BSL isn't coming naturally to Chesney and he hopes that Aled's upcoming operation makes things easier.

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In the police station, PC Brody, the officer who arrested James, wants to cover his back and asks Craig not to mention the fact that he'd said there was nothing wrong with James' driving and it didn't warrant being pulled over.

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But before all that, here's everything coming up this week on Corrie...

Newcomer Curtis' naked calendar idea for Oliver's charitable fund is well underway but, despite many of the blokes in Weatherfield initially being excited to take part, Kevin Webster and Dev Alahan are having second thoughts.

When both their naked shoots are interrupted, Dev demands Curtis and Emma Brooks remove his image from the project - but is it too late?

Todd Grimshaw Craig Tinker Corrie
Will Todd finally get his comeuppance? ©ITV


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Meanwhile Steve McDonald is more concerned about Emma when he gets wind that Curtis is wining and dining another girl at the Bistro.

But is all as it seems?

Following the debacle with the heating pump, Billy Mayhew calls a meeting with the bishop to tell him he's not up to the job of archdeacon. Overhearing their conversation, Todd Grimshaw is wracked with guilt but will he come clean?

Leanne Battersby welcomes Sam Blakewell into her home, Laura Neelan gets a job at the factory and Tyrone Dobbs is seeing green over Fiz Brown's new relationship.

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