Catfish is back for its sixth series!

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One of MTV's most popular shows Catfish is returning in March for its sixth series.

Yep, everyone's guilty pleasure – Catfish - is BACK and will returning to our screens on March 8.

If you've never watched the MTV show before you sure are missing out. The programme follows Nev Shulman and Max Joseph who help other people discover whether their online relationship is real and whether the person they've been talking to is exactly who they asy they are.

In the next season Nev and Max will search longer and harder than ever before to find out the truth between a bunch of online relationships. Not only that but for the first time ever the TV hosts will be checking in with several couples from the past to see how their relationship are now - after the truth was revealed.

The newest season will include 20 episodes and throughout there will be clues, undiscovered events and never heard from before witnesses.


During the first episode Nev and Max will help out Shawny. She's attempting to find love following her divorce but it seems that she could have secrets of her own…

You can watch the exciting teaser for the latest season below.

We've rounded up some of our favourite episodes

The Catfish episode with Bow Wow

One of the BEST episodes ever was definitely when Keyonnah thought she was dating American rapper Bow Wow. The pair started talking after Keyonnah liked his fan page. After four months the pair were in an online relationship and "Bow Wow" sent her $10,000 but Keyonnah didn't know whether she was actually talking to the celebrity.

With the help of Nev and Max the couple eventually met up and Keyonnah discovered she was acutally talking to Dee – a woman - the WHOLE TIME. Dee then admitted she does this as a way to meet girls and even goes as far as dressing like a boy and using sex toys in the bedroom.

The Catfish episode where the guy walks over clapping

This was the craziest catfish episode ever. Artis was ready to leave the mother of his child after having a six months relationship with a woman named Jess. But when Artis met up with "Jess" he discovers that she is in fact a man named Justin who doesn't seem the least bit sorry that he's been lying to Artis for the past six months.

Justin literally walked up to Artis clapping and when Nev asked him to chill out he had a bizarre reaction. It is definitely one of the strangest episodes we've ever watched but we loved it nonetheless.

The Catfish episode where Nev throws the phone in the water

Nev lost it in this episode and we don't blame him.

Poor Lucille, she thought she was talking to Kidd Cole - a music producer - online. She explained their relationship was more like they were brother and sister and in the past she helped him out financially for an "event". When Lucille and "Kidd" finally met up she discovers he's actually a scam artist and is actually called Jerez. During their confrontation Jerez plays on his phone and that's when Nev snaps and throws his phone in the water.

Go Nev!

Jerez later invites everyone to his studio session where he's supposedly playing his own songs but Nev later discovers it's actually a song by another artist. When Nev and Max confront Jerez he denies being a liar and later on in the show claims he's producing Beyoncé's song.


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Catfish: The TV show premieres Wednesday 8 March at 9pm only om MTV.

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