Blind Date’s first ever married couple reminisce over the moment they met


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Alex and Sue Tatham were the first couple to get married after being matched on Cilla Black's dating show, Blind Date

Didn't you just LOVE Blind Date?!

It was always heartwarming and cringey in equal measures - it was lovely when the couple were revealed to each other and you could literally just see the chemistry between them.

Cringey when you saw instant disappointment in their eyes.

Whilst we are VERY excited for the remake, which will be hosted by Paul O'Grady, it's fun to look back at the oldies.

Cilla with her old pal Paul O'Grady, who is hosting the reboot (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

And what a way to do that than to meet the first couple to ever get married from meeting on the show!

Alex and Sue Tatham met on the show in 1988 - and they were married just three years later.

They've now got two grown-up children, and are just as in love as they were when they got married in 1991.

Alex and Sue appeared on Good Morning Britain earlier today (Credit: ITV/ Good Morning Britain) ©ITV/ Good Morning Britain

Appearing on Good Morning Britain earlier today, Sue described what was going through her mind when the screen was pulled back.

She said: "A lot was going on and I was trying to remember everything. When the screen went back I had never met him before, I was thinking, 'I hope he's taller than me' and I'd borrowed a pair of flat shoes just in case. But he was taller than me and it was fine, and he was lovely."

Here's the moment they met! (Credit: ITV/ Blind Date) ©ITV/ Blind Date

Alex thought back and said: "The two other girls came past the screen and I thought, 'Well, that's just wonderful, surely the girl I've picked is going to be absolutely fantastic'.

"And we hit it off straight away, as we walked off we were saying, 'What a wonderful day, we're going to be friends for life'."


Their two children, Charlie and Emily, also appeared on the show (Credit: ITV/ Good Morning Britain) ©ITV/ Good Morning Britain

They'd brought along their two children, Charlie and Emily, who described watching the moment her parents met as a "mixture of emotions".

She explained: "It's lovely because I get to see the first time my parents ever laid eyes on each other.

"But there's also an entire episode of television where my 20-year-old parents are flirting with each other behind a screen."

Well... We guess that's true!

How did your parents meet? Have you got any adorable family stories around how two of your family members met? We want to hear them! Get in touch on Facebook and Twitter.


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