RHOCheshire’s Lauren Simon: ‘In a relationship you should be getting intimate every day’

'I don't believe in having bad sex'

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She’s made a name for herself over the years on The Real Housewives Of Cheshire with her larger-than-life personality and fiery manner, and when it comes to opening up about her sex life, Lauren Simon doesn’t hold back.

Lauren, 50, tells Closer, “I don’t believe in having bad sex; when I’m with someone I like to have a good sexual relationship. I’ve been lucky because I’ve never been out with anyone where I’ve not enjoyed sex with them. I know what I like and I’m quite outspoken. Sex is important and when I’m in a relationship, I do think you should be having sex every day.

Lauren Simon
Lauren Simon ©©Monkey Kingdom

“I can be a bit shy in the bedroom, though I still want the guy to woo me. I like nice underwear and candle lights. I think it’s really nice to have sex in the shower and the bath, and I like the romance of it all. I want someone to hug and hold me all night… but if they begin to talk dirty to me, I start laughing!”

The star, who divorced ex-husband Paul in 2018 and is currently single, believes women should ditch negative self-thoughts in the bedroom.

She says, “I’ve always been very body confident and gone to the gym; I don’t look in the mirror and think that I don’t look good. Getting undressed in front of a man is never an issue. I listen to women who worry about their looks, and my advice is to stick on a nice pair of knickers and a bra – sexy underwear can do wonders. Men aren’t looking at your cellulite! I’ve never taken my clothes off and a guy’s gone, ‘Put them back on’ – if anything, they’ve said, ‘Get it off!’”

The mum-of-two thinks it’s just as important for men to look after themselves, too. She says, “When I split from my ex-husband, every boyfriend I had was 10 or 20 years younger, and their bodies were better. There are still some good-looking men in their 50s, but you’ve got to look after yourself. It’s important not to be lazy across the board. I don’t want to see a man in ugly underpants! I want someone who eats clean and has stamina so that it isn’t over too quickly!”

Lauren with her RHOCheshire co-stars
Lauren with her RHOCheshire co-stars ©Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage

And the outspoken star admits she’s glad women are more comfortable speaking about their sex lives, and isn’t afraid to admit that she’s used sex toys with partners. She says, “I remember at 18 when I was with my first boyfriend, he took me in his car to a sex shop so he could buy me my first vibrator. It was in the middle of the night, the shop had blacked-out windows, and the idea of even going there felt taboo. Now, it’s so normal to talk about your sex life – because we all do it!

“Growing up, my mum was quite prudish and she never really spoke about sex. I’ve got a different relationship with my two daughters. I want to be there for them so that when they do have a boyfriend, they can talk to me and I can protect them.”

She laughs before adding, “I don’t want to be a grandma just yet!”

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