Love Island’s Tyla Carr: her age, baby daddy and what she’s doing now

The season three star's life looks completely different now...

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You may know her from series three of Love Island but Tyla Carr actually appeared in First Dates before entering Love Island 2017 as a day 19 latecomer.

Now the ex-model is looking in a new direction as she embraces motherhood and a career shift.

It’s been seven years since the villa and Tyla’s changed quite a bit since then so let's take a look at what she’s been up to...

When was Tyla Carr on Love Island?

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tyla alongside olivia attwood in the villa ©ITV/Shutterstock

The third season of the revived Love Island series brought contestant Tyla to our screens and she made it to day 44. Throughout her time at the villa the self-confessed 'dateaholic’ attempted to find someone who had the ‘energy to keep up with her’.

Although she didn’t find ‘the one’, she has since come out and claimed that Love Island is ‘staged’, seemingly stepping away from showbiz as she focuses on raising her son.

What happened with Tyla Carr and Jonny Mitchell?

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tyla and jonny were coupled up ©ITV/Shutterstock

The pair hit it off in the villa after a love triangle that saw Jonny Mitchell and newbie Theo Campbell compete for Tyla’s affection. But before things could go any further Jonny was eliminated on day 38, after he sacrificed his place for Tyla, when the public voted the couple 'least liked islanders'. After the bombshell dumping, the two promised to ‘wait for each other’.

However, only two days after the elimination, Tyla went on to recouple with Mike Thalassitis in a brief stint that saw them split only a week after leaving the island. Tyla and Jonny were not on speaking terms post-reunion but now appear to follow each other on Instagram.

Jonny has since starred on Celebrity Big Brother 21 and is currently dating writer Simone Engelhardt.

What happened with Tyla Carr and Theo Campbell?

tyla carr
©Getty Images: David M. Benett/Dave Benett/WireImage

Despite only having nine days in the villa, Theo made quite the splash as a bombshell. He had a feud with Jonny over Tyla and things reached a boiling point when Jonny called Theo a 'gigantic bellend'.

After Jonny was dumped from the villa, Theo infamously said, "If Tyla really liked him, she should go as well really", causing any romantic potential between the two to sink. And after Theo was dumped he wasted no time branding Tyla 'fake'.

Theo then went on to star in MTV’s The Challenge with fellow Love Island star Georgia Harrison and came face to face with ex-girlfriend Kaz Crossley on Ex on The Beach. He is now an online fitness coach and has a son.

How old is Tyla Carr?

The Surrey-born star was born on 7 February 1994 which means she turned 30 in February. The former Islander celebrated her time with family, and later travelled to Miami with friends in March.

As Tyla's time in Love Island was only seven years ago it means she joined the show when she was 23 years old.

Who is Tyla Carr's baby daddy?

The single mum and her ex-boyfriend Rossco Edmonds co-parent their adorable son Archie who they welcomed into the world in late 2018. The pair were together for over a year before splitting six months after Archie’s birth.

Edmonds leads a private life with his Instagram remaining private.

Tyla had an emotional moment in 2022 on Instagram where she sobbed about her co-parenting situation. At the time she said, "I thought I'd come on here and be a little bit more real about my co-parenting situation, currently in tears, it is the hardest thing ever to deal with."

She went on to say, “These crappy emotions and all the agg that goes with having to break up with someone and trying to be a good parent it is the hardest thing.

"I say on here you have to co-parent, be on side and try and make things work. When things are good it’s great when things are rubbish it is horrendous.”

However, it now seems the two are on good terms because shortly after New Year's Day 2024 she wrote on Instagram, "What a year 2023 has been! Full of big ups and some minor downs, altogether this has been a great year... So close to my family and co-parenting with Archie’s dad so well."

What is Tyla Carr doing now?

Tyla has since gone into sound bath therapy as she announced in January on Instagram that she’s training online to become a sound bath practitioner.

She wrote "I’m currently doing a course on Sound Therapy and it’s absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made."

This may come as a shock after she effectively renovated her own home in 2021, telling The Sun she was going into property development.

Who is Tyla Carr still friends with?

Tyla still follows most of the Love Island cast on Instagram, however, these days she tends to keep to herself and instead post about her journey through motherhood.

What is Tyla Carr's Instagram?

Want to keep up with Tyla’s life? Well, you can follow her journey @tylarosie.

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