Love Island 2017’s Tyla Carr says Love Island is ‘STAGED’

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Love Island 2017 contestant Tyla Carr has revealed some inner secrets about the TV show

If you're reading this, it's pretty safe to say that you've also been swept up in the Love Island 2018 madness and the show is the one thing that is giving your life meaning right now.

Joking of course (or are we), but Tyla Carr has just revealed some secrets about the show that we wish we could never have heard, and live on in blissful ignorance.

GALLERY: Have you SEEN inside Danny and Dani Dyer's house?!


Inside Dani and Danny Dyer's house - SLIDER

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house1 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

A sofa in the garden? How fancy

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house2 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

It looks like they've got an indoor pool

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house3 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

Is that a trampoline we spot in the background?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house4 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

We can see a kids playhouse in the background of this snap

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house5 of 16
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We wonder if Danny Dyer does any gardening?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house6 of 16
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Is that a Marilyn Monroe painting we see behind Dani?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house7 of 16
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We spot silver carpet all over Danny's gaff

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house8 of 16
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The Dyer household have followed in the footsteps of lots of other celebs with that sofa

From TOWIE stars to Katie Price this is the sofa celebs are OBSESSED with.

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house9 of 16
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Look at these two and their matching initials...

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house10 of 16
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Think it's safe to say the Dyer family have a white and silver decor around their house

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house11 of 16
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Seriously though, how snug does that sofa look?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house12 of 16
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Another armchair with the infamous silver velvet material

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house13 of 16
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Eye spy with my little eye... London in these photos frames

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house14 of 16
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Look at these three with their matching tops

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house15 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

How fancy is that lamp then?

Danny Dyer Dani Dyer house16 of 16
CREDIT: Instagram / danidyerxx

Dani's shoe closet is making us green with envy

Speaking to the Daily Star, Tyla revealed that show producers have a bit more to do with the show than viewers might have originally known, saying: "You have to tell the producers on site if you are planning to have an important chat or do something.

"So they make sure the microphones pick it up and the cameras get it."

Well, that may seem a tiny bit obvious, but her next bombshell brought us to the realisation that some of the scenes we see on the show might not be 100% genuine.

"If you forget they would call you in and ask you to film it again," she went on. "Liv Attwood had to dump Sam Gowland twice last year, which was embarrassing for both of them!"

Wowza. So when Liv dumped Sam, we didn't see their reactions first time around?! What ELSE have we been fooled by?!

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And whilst Tyla did say that contestants are never made to do anything they don't want to do, they are encouraged by producers.

Tyla added: "But they would prompt you. They may suggest it would be a good idea if you brought something up or discussed something."

Well we never.

Obviously, Love Island show bosses have refuted Tyla's claims, and told "The opinions they have and the relationships formed are completely within the control of the Islanders themselves."



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