Love Island’s Tiffany Leighton lifts the lid on ‘bad blood’ between her and Harriett Blackmore

They were both vying for Ronnie Vint's attention

Harriet and Tiff

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The most recent episode of Love Island (Sunday 23 June) saw two Islanders be brutally kicked out of the villa and if you haven't watched the last dumping be warned, that many spoilers lay ahead...

The Love Island 2024 guys and girlies know by now that when Maya Jama saunters in looking like the bombshell to end all bombshells something major is about to go down.

Dressed in a gorge orange co-ord, Maya announced that the public had been voting and two Islanders time in the Spanish villa was well and truly over.

it always spells trouble when Maya arrives ©itv

The final decision was left for the 'safe' Islanders to pick which two of their villa mates to send packing and it was Omar Nyame and Tiffany Leighton that had their Love Island experience cut short. Much to the distain of X users who had MAJOR thoughts on the unlucky duo with words such as 'sour', 'criminal', and 'nasty', being thrown around all over the shop.

Now that she has left the dating show, Tiffany has opened up about her short-lived Love Island journey and where she stands with Harriett Blackmore after they were both battling for the attention of Ronnie Vint.

tiff and ronnie
tiff and ronnie ©itv

"Harriett and I are very different people," Tiff revealed, "I don't know if we’d ever see eye to eye, after the Ronnie situation."

We can't help but wonder how she will feel when she sees that Harriett is most certainly hoping that Ronnie will couple up with her now that Tiffany is no longer in the equation.

harriet ©itv

To be far, Tiff HAD already told the Essex lad, "Thanks, but no thanks", just before she found herself been shipped back to merry old England

"There is no bad blood from my side, but we handle situations very differently," Tiffany added.

There is no denying that Tiff and Harriett are two very different contestants; imagine if the villa was filled with 10 Harriets? Actually let's not.

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