Love Island: Samantha Kenny’s mum speaks out and SHADES Joey Essex

Justice for Samantha tbh

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Many tears were shed in last night's episode of Love Island (Tuesday 18 June) and if you aren't fully up to date with the goings-on inside the villa, then be warned, MANY spoilers lie ahead.

Another Love Island 2024 recoupling took place last night and ended with one of the OG girlies being booted out of the villa and the hysteria that followed was reminiscent of an EastEnders Christmas episode.

Liverpudlian Samantha Kenny was kicked out after being left single and just a little sad when newbie Grace Jackson stole Joey Essex from her.

Samantha has been dumped ©itv

The rest of the Islanders did not take it well and you could build another villa pool with the amount of tears Harriet Blackmore and Nicole Samuel shed.

It turns out they weren't the only ones heartbroken by the news, as Samantha's mum commented on the official Love Island Instagram account and we just love it when the family have their say.

In a now deleted comment, the iconic Lynne Kenny wrote, "You ruined my daughter's two weeks in the villa 💔" on a post that featured Joey looking solemn on the outdoor sofa – and that just hits different, doesn't it?

joey and Samantha x
joey and Samantha x ©itv

Fans clearly appreciated Lynne's thoughts as it gained over 1,000 likes and, despite no longer being on the post, it was the top comment.

Whether it was Lynne herself, the Love Island team or the ITV big dogs who removed the remark we do not know, but this is 2024 and NOTHING goes unnoticed and, of course, it was screen-shotted prior to the removal.

It was Reddit, aka the land where nothing is lost, that still has evidence of Samantha's mum's comment and we hope that website never gets shut down.

joey's ex grace came into the villa and coupled up with him ©itv

Fans have added their two pence and are showing their love for both Samantha and her heartbroken mother, with one writing on Reddit, "Let em know, Lynne," with another adding, "DRAG THEM, LYNNE. Justice for Samantha!"


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