Dumped Islander lifts the lid on Ronnie Vint love triangle and we’re SHOOK

Jess has given him an ultimatum

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It's happening, after a teething period, the Love Island contestants are now being booted off left, right and centre; which means the time for spilling the tea and dropping villa secrets is upon us.

Last night's episode saw the Islanders pick one girl and one guy to be kicked off the dating show and if you haven't watched it yet, you have been warned, this article is BRIMMING with spoilers.

Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal were the unlucky 2024 stars to say 'so long' to their time on the dating show, after their villa pals sent them packing.

the couples who could have been dumped
the couples who could have been dumped ©itv

Now that they are free from the eyes of their fellow Islanders, Patsy and Munveer are already chatting about their romance reality TV show experience and which couple they are rooting for.

It turns out that Patsy, for one, is not on Team Jess White and Ronnie Vint; in fact, the red head dished the dirt on the current love triangle haunting the Spanish villa...

"I think he is better suited to Harriett [Blackmore]," Patsy admitted, and who would have thunked it?

"He’s spent more time with Jess," she went on.

It is true that Jess and Ronnie have spent more time in each other's company, what with them having been coupled up for the entirety of the show so far, but Ronnie's head has now been turned by Harriett.

Ronnie and harriet
ronnie and harriet kiss ©itv

In fact, the Essex lad even told the dancer that when he spent the night lay in bed with Jess, kissing her might we add, he was thinking about Harriett.

Don't you just adore these loyal Love Island lads?

"I think the fun of Harriett excites him," Patsy added.

Ronnie and jess
Ronnie and jess ©itv

But didn't Ronnie say that he likes the 'danger' of Jess making him pick between them? He is LOVING the fact that Jess has giving him an ultimatum.

That being said, Patsy was in the villa with them so she probably knows more than we do.

There is no denying that Jess is a tad more, erm, chill than Harriett, shall we say?

However, we also have to admit that Patsy's best pal during her short stint in the villa was Harriett. Hmm...

harriet and patsy
harriet and patsy were close in the villa ©itv

"Harriett is just so funny to be around," Patsy explained. "She is such a sassy queen and the definition of an icon."

Icon, indeed. There is no denying that Harriett's chaotic demeanour is currently bringing some drama to the villa.

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