Love Island’s Priscilla Anyabu reveals how she got away with breaking the rules

Well, that's quite hair raising...

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Thanks to Malia Arkian and Sherif Lanre, we're well aware of the Love Island rules for the cast but during the latest series we discovered that Priscilla Anyabu was managing to get away with breaking one.

During her time in the villa, Priscilla coupled up with Mike Boateng, wowed everyone with her dance moves and we can't forget all her many hairstyles.

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Priscilla went blonde in the villa ©ITV

Former Islanders have told us several times that you're not allowed to change your hair in the villa including Luke T who recently spilled the tea on his time on the show.

"I threw a strop because they wouldn't let me get the haircut I wanted one day. I was almost crying," he confessed.

So when Closer Online caught up with Priscilla we had to ask how she managed to break the hair raising rule without getting in trouble.

love island mike and priscilla
Priscilla and Mike in the Love Island villa ©ITV

"I think my hair made me stand out [during the audition process] because at the time I had dreadlocks down to my bum. It was blonde and black.

"I kept on changing my hair [during the audition process] one day I had dreadlocks, the next time they saw me I had a middle parting and then when I flew out [to South Africa] I had a ponytail."

She went on, "I just kept getting away with it and pushing my luck. Every single time I changed it and they loved it so I think they were like 'this girl, she's going to pull out the bag'."

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Priscilla's confession comes months after Love Island 2019 star Yewande Biala revealed the Islanders during her series were not allowed to dye their hair.

"[The hairdressers and beauticians] come in every two weeks and we get our hair, lashes and some times our extensions done.

"You can go for anything you want but you can't change the colour of your hair because then people will not recognise you anymore."


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