Love Island: Megan Barton looks SO different in pre-surgery snap fans claim is her

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Love Island fans believe they’ve found an old snap of Megan Barton and she looks hella different

Whatever you think of Megan Barton – queen of the mug or…actually that’s about it – she’s undeniably gorgeous.

Has she had a help with her looks? Probably, teeth as white as that don’t come for free. Does it matter if she’s had a little assistance? Absolutely not – her body, her choice.

However, fans have gone wild for a throwback snap they believe shows Megs pre-surgery.

Megan Barton Twitter

“I can’t believe this is Megan,” wrote one.

“Why does Megan pre-surgery look like a French exchange student?” asked another.

“Megan looked like one of them teachers that would start crying if the class got too hectic,” put another, rudely.



CLOSER Love Island then and now

Jack Fincham1 of 8
CREDIT: Twitter

Jack Fincham - then and now

Mr Colgate looks completely different in this old photo of him in the boxing ring. The stationery salesman has definitely found himself (and a self-tan mitt) since then and is now giving use all the feels with Dani Dyer.

dani dyer2 of 8
CREDIT: Instagram

Dani Dyer - then and now

Danny and Dani Dyer look like butter wouldn't melt in the adorable throwback snap. Now we have fallen in love with the eyebrow-drying Essex lovely and her endearing antics in the villa. We bet EastEnders' Mick Carter is well chuffed.

Eyal Booker3 of 8

Eyal Brooker - then and now

A fresh-faced Eyal poses for a moody selfie and is so #spiritual even in '08.

adam collard4 of 8

Adam Collard - then and now

Adam looks almost unrecognisable posing in his football kit.

laura anderson5 of 8

Laura Anderson - then and now

The airhostess played homage to her brown locks in a #throwbackthurday snap and captioned the picture: "I miss my brown hair #dyingforachange". Gorgeous either way.

Georgia steel6 of 8

Georgia Steel - then and now

The now 20-year-old student is just as confident in this throwback snap found on her social media channels.

Alex George7 of 8

Dr Alex George - then and now

The currently lobster coloured smarty pants has always looked, er, smart.

samira mighty8 of 8

Samira Mighty - then and now

The West End star looks just as adorbs in school in this resurfaced pic. SO cute.

Love Island Megan Eyal

Former stripper Megan is definitely one of Love Island’s biggest love rats of all time.

She went straight for Wes Nelson hours after dumping Eyal Booker, despite the fact Wes was coupled up with her pal Laura Anderson. Within 24 hours, she was snogging him on the day bed.

She then pied off Wes for new boy Alex ‘Glasses Alex’ Miller. But NOW looks as though she’s going back to Wes.

You know what? Hats off to her. It makes the show very interesting viewing, although we’d prefer it if she didn’t get back with Wes because the way he treated Laura was abominable.

Speaking about Megan's decision to mug him off in favour of Wes, Eyal told Closer Online: "I think she fancied Wes for a lot longer than she let on, so it would have been the respectable thing to do not to lead me on and just be honest with me.

"You have to guess that someone is playing the game if they say one thing then do another.

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