Love Island fans fuming over dumping error and ‘GRRRRRRR’

Last night's Love Island dumping was spoiled for viewers

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by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Love Island2023 has been a rollercoaster, for sure. But, for once, it's producers left with pie on their faces, rather than just contestants.

During the penultimate episode of the show, viewers were on the edge of their seats waiting to find out which couple would be dumped from the villa.

However, during the final ad break, the Love Island Aftersun advert played and showed Jessie Wynter and Will Young on the show - spoiling the fact that they were the dumped couple.

love island will and jessie
jessie and will were dumped before the final ©ITV

Lots of fans rushed to Twitter to air their views with one person writing, “Not Love Island showing Will and Jessie as the dumped Islanders in the Aftersun promo before the dumping is shown“.

Someone else tweeted, “Is it me or did the Love Island Aftersun ad just spoil who was dumped by showing us Will and Jessie next to Rosie and Casey… #loveIsland.”

Another said, “When Love Island spoils the dumping by announcing who will be on Aftersun! Grrrrr @LoveIsland”.

One more added, “Urm Love Island Aftersun - ARE YOU OK?!!!!!  Thanks for that spoiler…. #loveIsland”.

A few episodes back, the couples had to vote for the least compatible Islanders, and Jessie and Will, Ron Hall and Lana Jenkins and Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinanan all received at least one vote. As a result they were up for the public vote, and Jessie and Will ended up receiving the lowest amount of votes for 'most compatible'.

Speaking about being voted out, Jessie admitted, “For some reason it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Obviously, a bit devastating to go, but it’s so fine.

“We’ll cop it on the chin and we’re just so happy that we’ve left together.”

love island jessie and will
jessie, will and their families ©ITV

Will added, “I personally think it was a little bit of a cop out, because when we spoke to other Islanders in the villa about it, the only reason they seemed to give was distance.

“When you’re in the villa I don’t think it’s fair to base compatibility on travel and distance.”

When asked who they want to see win Love Island 2023, they both said Tom Clare and Samie Elishi but Jessie did add, “Or Sanam and Kai. It took Kai a while to find the right person, but when he did I felt like he was investing all of his time into Sanam. They work so beautifully.”

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