Jodie Marsh lashes out at ‘shameless’ Love Island-ers: ‘My parents would disown me!’

The former glamour model showed his disgust at the reality show contestants antics on her Twitter account

Jodie Marsh Instagram hair plaites

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Since splitting from husband James Placido last month, Jodie Marsh has made quite the social media comeback.

Last week she treated her followers to some naked selfies on Instagram, vowed to undergo another five years of celibacy, and pinned a tweet telling Love Island’s Terry Walsh to contact her when he’s out…

See what we mean?

And, last night, the 37-year-old revealed on Twitter that she might be more of prude than any of us ever thought…

Jodie took to Twitter to express her horror at the levels of intimacy people go into on ITV’s Love Island – the dating show that sends singletons off for a holiday in Fiji to pair up for a chance to win big bucks.

After once again declaring her fancy for Terry, she wrote:

“I still CANNOT believe that these people actually have sex on TV!! It's too much! This is not normal!!!!

“If they were porn stars then fair enough… what about their family?

“I've done some dodgy & very embarrassing things in my time (like get married) but my god if I'd had sex on TV my parents would disown me!!”

As comments were fired back at Jodie for sharing nude pictures on her social media and the fact her career was build on being a glamour model, Jodie quickly penned a post to clear up the difference.

She wrote bluntly: “Having sex with people watching is very different to wearing a skimpy outfit for a photo shoot my love.”

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