Jodie Marsh claims ex James Placido took £10,000 from her – and he’s after more

The former glamour model revealed just how sour their split had turned in a Twitter rampage last night

Jodie Marsh

by Hayley Kadrou |
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Jodie Marsh has taken to Twitter to lash out at her former partner James Placido, claiming he’s taken £10,000 from her fortune already.

The feisty star married James in a secret ceremony in August last year, but less than a year on, Jodie suddenly announced they had split inApril this year.

With little explanination at the time – simply stating that she will be keeping their adopted pups – the 37-year-old has now declared she 'won't be silenced'.

In a series of tweets yesterday, Jodie made it clear there was bad blood between herself and her toy-boy ex partner, saying she changed the locks to her house the day they split.

Jodie began by warning her fans that things had the potential to turn really nasty between the pair, saying that she’s been ‘overly nice’ to him so far in regards to why they REALLY parted ways.

And then in a not-so-cryptic tweet, Jodie implied that James was after some of her hefty fortune – something the glamour model says she is no stranger to.

She said:

“I've already been there once before with an embarrassing "man" who tried to take half my house and earnings....

“If you are a man and you only marry a woman to get to her money then you are NOT a man.

“And this is only the beginning. If only you knew what really happened... The truth is terrifying.”

When one fan tweeted inspiring her not to give him a penny, Jodie made the revelation that James has already made a pretty view:

Saying that she was being nice by trying to not judge him by his past, it seems there a lot more to James than the picture-perfect wedding snaps we saw last summer.

After her heated outburst – Jodie went on to apologise for airing her laundry online, but said she felt ‘threatened’ by James apparently behaviour.

She wrote:

“Sorry everyone I'm really not into airing my dirty laundry in public but I'm not going to be bullied so I need to speak out....”

Speaking of her beloved dogs – who she insists would be staying with her from the onset - Jodie wrote:

“No but he keeps making threats about taking them (ie stealing them) as he knows that's the only way to hurt me.... If he so much as touches one I will lose the plot......”

As for Jodie now? Well, she’s told Twitter that “being celibate for 5 years is the best thing I've ever done!!!!!!!,” but also put a shout out for Gerald Butler’s mobile number, managing to put a lighter note on the troubling tweets.

We hope you're doing OK, Jodie!

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