Love Island: Hugo Godfroy’s link to TOWIE star revealed and it’s giving ELECTRICITY ⚡

He is currently flirting with Jess White and Matilda Draper


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It is that time on Love Island when the girls and guys are separated and a whole new batch of Islanders are thrown into to stir it up.

We are, of course, talking about Casa Amor.

the Casa lads
'Casanovas' ©itv

While the Love Island 2024 lads have remained in the main villa, the ladies have gone off to Casa Amor and are currently deciding which of the newbies they will be taking back at the end of the week.

One fella that has gone down a treat with the OG girlies is Hugo Godfroy. Not only has he caught the eye of Jess White but he's shared a cheeky flirt with bombshell Matilda Draper.

We imagine that Hugo is no stranger to female attention as he is followed on Instagram by none other than TOWIE star, Ella Rae Wise. Maybe he did her rewiring. We wonder if Dan Edgar knows...

Ella follows Hugo on instagram ©itv - lime pictures

Who is Hugo Godfroy?

Hugo is one of the Casa Amor lads hoping to make his way back into the main villa.

How old is Hugo Godfroy?

He is 24 years old.

hugo ©itv

Where is Hugo Godfroy from?

Hugo is from Southampton.

What does Hugo Godfroy do?

When he isn't flirting it up with Jess and Matilda in the Casa Amor villa, Hugo is an electrician.

Who does Hugo Godfroy have his eye on in the villa?

Before joining the dating show Hugo revealed which of the girlies he has his eye on.

"I like Uma [Jammeh]," he confessed, "I think she carries herself well and seems very respectful. The same with Jess as my type is brunette."

jess and hugo
jess and hugo ©itv

Uma has made it pretty clear that she is set on Wil Anderson, despite him snogging Casa chica Lucy in bed on last nights episode (Tuesday 2 July) therefore Hugo has definitely had more luck with Jess.

What is Hugo Godfroy's Instagram?

You can follow the bombshell at @hugo_godfroy.

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