EXCLUSIVE Love Island: Ella B reveals why girls were TOLD OFF by producers over bathroom use

Ella B has revealed all

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Love Island 2023 really is the gift that keeps on giving. While there was plenty of on-camera action this season of Love Island, the drama didn’t end when the cameras cut for this cast. Every day the former Islanders are revealing more and more behind-the-scenes secrets, and we’re not just talking about Kady McDermott calling out her castmates.

Mitch Taylor, now better known now as Messy Mitch, and Ella Barnes sat down with us to reveal some of their Love Island Secrets, and it was an enlightening interview to say the least.

When asked what Ella got told off for most while she was in the villa, she told us that big issues were caused when there was more than one girl in the bathroom at a time.

Love Island: SR10 EP39 on ITV2 and ITVX Pictured: Ella B

“You would get really told off if there was two girls in the bathroom at one time… There was only, like, a couple of plugs in the dressing room but there was a massive extension lead in the off-camera bathroom, which is upstairs, and just us girls used it.

"And Whitney would be in there using the hot comb for her wigs for ages and if one of us girls needed to go to the toilet or anything like that, we would just go in. But they could hear us talking, so yeah, you’d would get really told off. They’d be like, ‘Girls, not two of you in the bathroom at one time!’ So yeah, that would happen all the time.”

Love Island: Mitchel Taylor and Ella Barnes

The news that there is in fact an off-camera bathroom is honestly both ground-breaking and a big relief. Mitch quickly added, “There were security cameras just in case, for health and safety, but there weren’t actually cameras in there, so you can understand that. They wanted to save any of the chats for camera time.”

Considering drama can happen at any moment in Love Island, we do see where the producers are coming from. We can’t help but feel a little bit bad for the lack of bathroom privacy for the Islanders, but it’s worth it for some of the iconic bathroom moments.

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