Danny Dyer FINALLY meets Jack Fincham in Love Island video call

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Dani Dyer officially has the sweetest family in the world

We've been waiting for Danny Dyer to visit his daughter Dani Dyer in the Love Island villa since the show first started eight weeks ago.

Although he might not have physically entered the villa, we weren't disappointed by the video call he made with his wife Joanne Mas to the villa in last night's 'parents day' episode.

After realising she had a surprise call with her parents, Dani very excitedly ran to get boyfriend Jack Fincham to join her and fans finally got to see what Danny REALLY thinks of his daughter's new fella.

Love Island final

Danny said, “Babe he’s lovely. He’s a proper geezer mate. You’ve found a right proper geezer in there.”

He continued, “You know what, Jack? You’re a proper geezer, gotta say mate. I tell ya what I love about ya. I love the fact you got a little derby [stomach], you’ve got so much charisma.

"Listen, it takes a brave man to bowl in that gaff, they’re all ab’ed up and they ain’t got nothing about em. No disrespect, yeah. Proper geezer.”

The EastEnders actor added: “It’s a beautiful thing. It’s rare." Cute!

Fans of the show quickly took to social media during the video call to express their excitement at how it went.

One viewer said: "I was upset at first that Danny Dyer wasn't going into the villa but after that video call it's probably been more entertaining than anything else in this series #loveisland'."

After eight weeks on our screens, tonight is the Love Island finale when show host Caroline Flack will present the final live from the Mallorca villa.

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love island lookalikes 2018 STACKED

Zara McDermott1 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock & DreamWorks

Zara McDermott looks like Lola from Shark Tale

Lola is one sassy fish, just like Zara. That hair, those eyes, the pout - they basically share the same face. Hang on, how can a human look EXACTLY like a beautiful fish?

Megan Barton Hanson2 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Megan Barton Hanson looks like a snake

Many fans have pointed out her likeness to Hollywood star Margot Robbie, but most think she's got secret snaky scales under that FLAWLESS face.

Sam Bird3 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Sam Bird is basically Matt Terry

We don't even need to explain this one. Just look. The X Factor's Matt Terry and Sam are the same person and we won't hear anything otherwise.

Eyal Booker4 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock & Walt Disney Pictures

Eyal Booker looks like Mr Tumnus

Awww, wee Eyal and his cute curly locks has been compared to A LOT of celebs and characters. Our favourite (and most accurate) has to be Narnia's Mr Tumnus.

Niall Aslam5 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Niall Aslam looks like Zayn Malik

We were so sad to see Niall Aslam leave the villa after just a few days, especially as he shares the same suave, boyband looks as former One Directioner Zayn Malik.

Wes Nelson6 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock & Amazon

Wes Nelson is a mug

Need we say more?

Adam Collard7 of 11

Adam Collard looks like Bruce from Finding Nemo

Another predator high in the Love Island villa food chain, Adam has shown some sharky behaviour. However, like Bruce here, he did show some remorse about his bad ways.

Samira Mighty8 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock & DreamWorks

Samira Mighty's sunglasses icon is Mrs Lovett

Samira loves these Victorian style glasses. Each time we see her wearing them (which is a lot) we can only think of Helena Bonham Carter's character Mrs Lovett in Sweeney Todd.

Kendall Rae-Knight9 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Kendall Rae-Knight is twins with Kady McDermott

Ok, this one is FREAKY. Former Love Islander Kady McDermott has the same face as Kendall, right? We can't stop looking. It's too much.

Alex George10 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Alex George is a pink salmon

Alex is a posh salmon blini with a big smear of sun cream (well, cream cheese). It's the canape no one wants a bite of.

Rosie Williams11 of 11
CREDIT: Shutterstock

Rosie Williams looks like Catherine Zeta Jones

OK, maybe it's mostly because they're both dark-haired, Welsh beauties - but we totally think Rosie has a very similar look to actress Catherine Zeta Jones. Fans missed this one, but what do you think?

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