Love Island’s Claudia Fogarty APOLOGISES to Tanya Manhenga over unaired scene

The bombshell exposed an unaired Love Island moment

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Love Island 2023 finished almost two weeks ago as we crowned the perhaps the least problematic couple of all time as the winners, please offer a standing ovation for Kai Fagan and Sanam Harrinnan, but it seems that other Islanders are bringing the drama outside of the villa.

There is already serious beef between Tanyel RevanZara Lackenby Brown and Olivia Hawkins, who seem to create shady TikToks aimed at each other everyday and we are loving having front row seats to the show.

Ron Halland Lana Jenkins are having to announce for the hundredth time that they have NOT BROKEN UP, whereas Casey O'Gorman and Rosie Seabrook actually DID break up.

But it's not all bad blood between this year's Islanders as, in a recent Instagram Q&A, Claudia Fogarty took the opportunity to apologise to fellow Islander Tanya Manhenga for a villa moment that never made it to our screens.

Tanya Manhenga took a tumble

One follower asked the northern lass, “What was your best memory in the villa?”

Claudia admitted it was “hard to pick” as she had “so many amazing memories” before launching into a story that featured Tanya.

Claudia couldn't help but giggle as she prefaced the tale by saying “When someone falls it’s not funny if they hurt themselves.”

We already knew from that sentence that it was going to be good.

“But Tanya fell, I don’t know if anyone saw it…”

We didn’t see it Claudia, because this year the producers truly did us dirty by cutting out what could have made for some iconic Love Island moments.

Tanya, Claudia and Jessie sitting on the bean bags in the Love Island villa
Claudia exposed Tanya's unaired fall ©ITV Pictures

“It just got me,” the Islander continued, “I couldn’t breathe. She was fine, she didn‘t hurt herself but it was just the reaction after it.”

"But I'm sorry Tanya," Claudia finished up the story with a smirk, "I think about it daily. It was so funny."

The Love Island contestants falling over can make for seriously good telly. Remember when Love Island 2019's Molly-Mae Hague stumbled down the steps and her glass of alcohol went flying? The moment was made that much funnier when Molly's BFF Maura Higgins fumed, "Can't believe you wasted that wine."

Comedy gold.

Since the show ended the Love Island 2023 graduates have been providing us with scenes they didn't realise were never aired and we are livid.

Not only did we miss out on Tanya's tumble but Aussie bombshell Jessie Wynter saying the wrong name would have made for hilarious viewing and a severely intoxicated Tom Clare and Will Young is what dreams are made of. Or perhaps nightmares, we're undecided.

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