Love Island: Claudia Fogarty reveals ‘anxiety-making’ scene she did NOT want to film

Winter Love Island 2023: Claudia Fogarty says she didn't think she'd be able to go through with the controversial scene

Claudia Fogarty with a slightly odd look on her face

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Love Island 2023 has come to an almighty end and now that the Islanders have jetted back to their hometowns they are spilling all the tea about their time on the show.

Just recently, Claudia Fogarty was a guest on the Learning as I Go podcast that is hosted by Love Island 2016 alumni, Scott Thomas and she chatted about how she really felt about entering as a bombshell in THAT outfit.

Scott quizzed the blonde bombshell about her iconic entrance where she looked like an ACTUAL Victoria Secret’s model in red lace lingerie and oversized wings, but Claudia confessed it was a daunting experience.

Claudia didn't want to enter on the heart-rate challenge

“The one thing I did not want to do was walk in on that challenge. I said to my mum before I went ‘Please I hope they don’t do this to me,’” she said on the podcast.

Claudia is of course talking about the heart rate challenge where each contestant is given a saucy outfit and must dance/grind/generally be sexy in front of the Islanders of the opposite sex. Each person is wearing a heart-rate monitor and after all the guys and girls have acted our their little routines it is revealed who made whose heart race.

It’s a controversial challenge mainly because it can cause some serious rifts between the couples. Remember when Paige Thorne was fuming that Jacques O’Neill's heart rate sky-rocketed for ex Gemma Owen? Oh, the dramz.

Claudia said the entrance made her anxious

Claudia went on to explain the stress of the entrance and that she was even told what to wear for the dance, “They came out with the Ann Summers lingerie and these wings and I was like ‘are you actually having a laugh?’ In that moment I was, like, I can’t do it.”

This isn’t the first time the producers have had a say in the show. Love Island 2019 star Molly-Mae Hague received serious hate when she was ‘unfaithful’ to boyfriend Tommy Fury for telling a secret to Anna Vakili that he had shared in confidence. It turns out the producers insisted Molly divulged what Tommy had told her even though she didn’t want to betray his trust.


Continuing to talk about the ordeal, Claudia explained, “I had to do it four times because the wings fell off so that was even more anxiety.”

Four times? That must have been awkward and it does make us wonder how much of the fellas reactions to Claudia parading in red underwear is actually genuine.

Claudia was also quick to shoot down the viewers who commented she didn't look 'confident' during her arrival.

"You try walking in there, all these faces looking at you. It's the first time they've seen you," she added.

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